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Top 10 Psychic and Mediums in Australia: What Makes an Excellent Psychic or Medium?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Introduction: In a world that's increasingly embracing the spiritual and metaphysical, finding an excellent psychic medium can be a transformative experience. But with countless options available, how do you discern the true professionals from the charlatans? In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the qualities that define an outstanding psychic medium, with a particular emphasis on their ability to bring forth accurate, detailed information from the spirit world.

The Hallmarks of an Exceptional Psychic Medium: Accuracy and Detail

An exceptional psychic medium possesses a rare and unparalleled skill set that extends far beyond mere intuition. Their true prowess lies in their ability to provide precise and detailed information that could only be known by you or your loved ones in the spirit world. Here's what you should expect from an outstanding psychic medium:

1. Connecting with Loved Ones: The hallmark of an exceptional psychic medium is their capacity to clearly identify your loved ones in spirit. This means bringing through highly accurate and specific information about them. This should encompass details such as:

  • How They Passed: The medium should be able to describe the circumstances of their passing in detail including impacts on their body, type of passing and other significant details.

  • Relationship to You: They should accurately identify the nature of the relationship between you and your loved one, whether it's a family member, friend, or romantic partner.

  • Physical Description: Exceptional mediums can provide a vivid physical description, including details like height, hair color, eye colour, tattoos, and any distinctive features.

  • Personality Traits: They should convey the personality traits that define your loved one in life, such as their sense of humor, kindness, or strong-willed nature.

  • Unusual Habits and Memories: A gifted medium will recount unusual habits, fun memories, or specific anecdotes that only you and your loved one would know.

  • Who Is with Them in Spirit: They can reveal who else is with your loved one in the spirit world, perhaps other family members or friends who have passed.

  • Post-Passing Observations: An exceptional medium might describe what your loved one has witnessed or experienced since their passing, offering you comfort and closure.

2. Insight into Your Current Life: Beyond connecting with the spirit world, a gifted psychic or psychic medium can provide profound insights into your present life. This includes:

  • How You Got Here: They can unveil the path that has led you to your current circumstances, helping you understand the choices and events that have shaped your life in detail.

  • Exact Details: Exceptional psychics or psychic mediums have the ability to access very precise information about various aspects of your life, including your family structure (how many children, ages, gender and personality traits), other relationships, work, health, financial situation, and more.

  • Motivations and Potential Outcomes: They can offer insights into the motivations driving your decisions and actions, as well as potential outcomes based on your current trajectory.

3. Clarity and Precision: The key differentiator of an exceptional psychic medium is their commitment to clarity and precision. Their readings should not be vague or wishy-washy; instead, they should offer specific, accurate, and verifiable details that resonate with you.

Red Flags to Watch Out For:

In your search for a psychic medium, it's essential to be aware of red flags that indicate potential fraud or lack of authenticity. Some of these red flags include:

  • Lack of Credentials: Be cautious of psychics who are unable or unwilling to provide credentials or proof of their training and certification. Transparency is key to establishing trust. There are many untrained psychic and psychic mediums offering services that have poor quality training, limited training or no training at all. There are also many psychics and psychic mediums, tarot readers, numerologists and astrologists who are unethical. Some have even had their credentials revoked due to a lack of ethics and are still operating. Many breach the privacy act and do not hold client confidentiality, cold read, research clients and operate unregistered businesses and uninsured.

  • Vague or General Readings: Natural psychics should not rely on Oracel cards, tarot cards or any psychic tools or props to read energy. Also, beware of readings that are overly vague, general, or filled with clichés. A genuine psychic and psychic medium should offer specific and accurate information and does not require a tool or prop to connect to energy. They should also be confident in the information they provide and welcome you to record your session.

  • Promises of Guaranteed Results: Be wary of psychics who promise guaranteed outcomes or claim to have 100% accuracy. No psychic or psychic medium can predict the future with absolute certainty.

  • Excessive Fees or Pressure to Buy: If a psychic or psychic medium pressures you to purchase additional services, courses or products, or if their fees are not displayed, it may be a sign of unethical practices.

Top Australian Psychics and Mediums:

In your quest to consult with top-rated professionals in Australia, consider the following gifted individuals:

  1. Bronwyn Jane: Internationally tested and certified with the highest industry credentials worldwide, Bronwyn's reputation precedes her completing over 400 readings annually. Her training under Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell showcases her commitment to excellence and the exceptional experience she has obtained. Bronwyn has also performed on stage with Lisa Williams in Australia.

  2. Daniel Hawken: Offers readings starting at $600 and is known for his compassionate readings and extensive experience, Daniel has earned a solid reputation in the field.

  3. Deb Webber: Offers readings for $350+ and is a celebrated medium.

  4. Florence King: Is a recognized psychic medium who won the 2014 International Psychic Award. Florence completed many public performances and has a strong intuitive sense, Florence has helped countless individuals find clarity and closure.

  5. Alicia Bickette: Offers services for $400. Alicia's empathetic approach and exceptional abilities make her a sought-after psychic medium in Australia.

  6. Mary King: Is a popular psychic and tarot reader known for her healing and comforting readings.

  7. Pam Bradbury: Is a psychic and a keynote speaker located in Sydney. Who provides readings by phone, Skype and face time

  8. Tracey Lee: Establish a psychic who provides platform demonstrations around Sydney and the mid-north coast of NSW.

  9. Gypsys and Angels: Narda provides crystal healing, meditation, circle and readings in-person readings in southwest Sydney by appointment only. Narda readings focus on providing guidance about your life.

  10. Infinite Soul: April is a psychic, crystal retailer, reiki, house clearings, and tarot reader. April is located in the Campbelltown, NSW

Conclusion: In your quest to find an excellent psychic medium, prioritize those who excel in delivering accuracy and detail in their readings. An exceptional psychic medium has the unique ability to connect you with your loved ones in spirit, providing vivid descriptions, memories, and messages. Moreover, they can offer profound insights into your current life, guiding you towards a brighter future with precise information about your family, relationships, work, health, and more. Remember, a gifted psychic medium will never leave you in doubt; their readings are clear, accurate, and deeply transformative. When seeking a psychic medium, demand nothing less than the extraordinary.

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