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Spirit’s Energy Fills The Air With Unseen Magic

Updated: Jan 29

Some days I wake up and think it's just going to be just another day, no different from any other. Yes, I had a bush walk planned with the family but this is not unusual. I love the bush. But boy was I wrong, Spirit’s energy was tangible as it filled the air.

The energy built as we walked. First subtly, a gorgeous butterfly landed on my arm as I gazed at one of the waterfalls. The stunning orange butterfly gently rested near my elbow initially without me realizing it as I took in the view. I walked further down the track through the bushland and come across a tree. This tree was different - it was as if Spirit was stretching out through its bark and growth pattern. As my hubby and I stopped to acknowledge the faces we could see. I noticed other bushwalkers also being drawn to this tree but they didn’t seem to realize why.

As I walked through the bush my mind drifted to consider if those that have walked where I walk today and gaze upon the valley, consider how mighty the streams and waterfalls once were. Do they see the Spirit in the trees, insects, and animals? Did they honour the Gundungurra people? As I drifted down my thought tunnel, Spirit brought 3 black cockatoos to us, as if there was one for each of us. They looked like a family of 3 just like we were. They landed above our heads and stayed for 5 minutes. These magnificent birds represent the power of spirit, happiness, emotional & spiritual freedom, and finding your spiritual truth, and inner fire. Lastly, inner and outer prosperity.

Then a couple of meters down the track a stunning male lyrebird appeared. What a wonderful surprise as I’ve never seen a lyrebird in the wild before. Lyrebirds, remind us to listen to Spirit, hear the truth, and let others people’s words move through us, to channel and release our true voice.

As if this wasn’t enough, a small spider dropped into me and climb down me. Small spiders are a positive omen, associated with financial reward, prosperity, and good karma. They are also seen as a sign of being very proactive with your creativity, leading to manifestation.

Then we were blessed to have a striking lizard come near our feet.

Our bush walk finished with the tiniest little bird, a sparrow, I think. It comes right up to my shoulder. Looked me square in the eye and did one chirp. It was as if it expected an answer-back, so as not to disappoint. I spoke to it. Then it flew away. Sparrows represent power, creativity, community, simplicity, joy, contentment, friendliness, inclusion, resourcefulness, and empowerment.

This was such a wonderful example of how Spirit moves through nature to bring us messages, that I felt compelled to remind you - Spirit is always trying to communicate with us. We just need to be open to receiving wisdom.

So grateful for a day filled with blessings and messages from the Gundungurra ancestors. An experience that filled us with such serenity and peace.


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