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Heal & Grow Your Soul Through Identifying Your Triggers

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

"from nowhere while in our shadow a crack appears in the pain and our awareness moves to what caused the pain"

Ever had a trigger that hit you deep in your core? 😢 Where your heart and soul ache in unison, and tears flow for hours? 💔 It's a tough journey where comfort slips away like water down a glass.

💪 But there's a way out! Join us on the blog to learn how to heal from these moments and take control of your emotions. 🔑 Discover how to conquer your triggers and stay true to yourself, even in the toughest of times. 🌟 Don't let your emotions dictate your life - start taking charge today!

Then from nowhere while in our shadow a crack appears in the pain and our awareness moves to what caused the pain. That is, what someone did or said which took us on this painful journey. It’s still all about us though. The only difference now is we’ve lifted our heads from the depth of despair to acknowledge where the anguish originated from.

This is the moment we need to pause but don’t. We are not connected to our consciousness but rather our shadow. In this space, we seek to bring balance to the situation. Our version of balance, anyway. Once again this may be saying or doing something that we regret.

For those on a spiritual or awakening journey, we’ll recognize our shadow experience because this is where remorse later appears.

In these moments we focus on what has been projected toward us. But not a different perspective on the “why” this is happening. Understanding and acceptance of another person’s journey lie in the unraveling of their internal story.

Here it’s one of our growth opportunities. With awareness and compassion for another person’s “why” we can release ourselves from our own pain. As another person can only be and do the best, they are capable of at that present time. True, this may not be what we hope.

But they can only give us what they are able to give.

· Someone cannot give trust and honesty if they are in fear.

· They can’t give love and empathy if their own pain blocks these feelings.

· They cannot honor our feelings if they are disconnected from their own.

· They cannot respect us if they do not descry respect.

· They cannot let you be heard or seen if they too feel they have not been heard or seen.

So, I remind you again, it is unjust to expect someone to be more than they are. And with that realization, we can release our own suffering.

With all that said, I have already given you the magic source for future triggers.

Did you notice?

It’s the pause.

The pause will short-circuit the energy stream experienced and halt your shadow from taking the lead in the situation.

· When you’re trigged in the future, remove yourself from the situation or conversation.

· Ground your energy with a walk outside alone. No phone – no music – no company.

· Feel what you need to feel for as long as you need to feel it. Whilst intentionally processing and shifting the energy from your body with every step you take.

· Process verbally all the things you want to say but shouldn’t or can’t. Do this by saying them to yourself as if you’re having the conversation you need to have.

It’s done as you walk.

Get it out of you and let it go.

Take as long as you need. If this means you walk for 2 hours then you walk for 2 hours.

At the end of the walk once you feel the energy gone, visualize yourself unhooking a cord or rope from you which releases your connection to the situation.

Hold the intention of wrapping the cord or rope in loving pink healing energy, and watch it slowly disappear.

Then cleanse your energy with a luxurious bath or shower allowing the last remaining energy to be washed away.

We all have moments in life that create the opportunity to learn and grow.

Growth sits in the pause and creates the space to respond differently than our reflex action.


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