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Women Entrepreneurs Radio photo

Women Entrepreneurs Radio 

In this episode, I share how she took her leap of faith going from a successful retail business owner to a full-time medium. What leads me to this journey, was the challenges of saying yes to Spirit.

Signs from Spirit and why we shouldn't be scared of spirits or ghosts.

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Your Own Best Company promo photo

Your Own Best Company

Franklin and I discuss the journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Helped along when by discovering my son shared some of the same gifts.

I also discuss tools and insights for highly sensitive people to be able to be in the world without being easily overwhelmed by it.

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Intuitive Awakening sign

Intuitive Awakening 

In this episode, we discuss what is mediumship and common fears around dying. We also explore the transition process of passing. Animals in spirit and their transition. What is channeling, how does it work, and what needs to be considered when channeling.

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Peaceful Power sign

Peaceful Power

In this episode, I discuss how an analytical banker embraced her psychic side. How to know if your child is psychic and ways to nourish a psychic kid. Plus, useful protection rituals and how to guard your energy.

Empowered & Unapologetic podcast photo

Empowered & Unapologetic 

Do you feel that you have gifts of perception? Or do you suspect that your child may be psychic or highly sensitive? Are you ready for something totally different? In this interview, we discuss the impacts on relationships of being gifted with psychic abilities. Identify psychic children and I demonstrate mediumship in a spontaneous reading where I connect Veronica, the host with her father and niece in spirit. 

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Learn How To Naturally Support Psychic Children

Did you know that being psychic is genetic?

Or that there are three main archetypes of a psychic child?


Come learn the identification markers, and how to support naturally psychic children in this special episode of Wise Skies.

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Learn How To Naturally Support Psychic Children

Unlocking Your Natural Gifts

Have you ever felt an intuitive nudge but weren't sure if you should follow it? This episode of the CORPORATE ESCAPISTS dives deep into the power of trusting your gut with the insightful Bronwyn Jane.

We'll explore the essence of resiliency and how to harness your own innate psychic abilities. Join us as Bronwyn reveals the transformative impact of listening to your intuition and how it can alter the course of your life. Discover the keys to unlocking your inner guidance and learn why trusting your gut truly changes everything.

Melissa Vogue - Bomb Mom Exploring Your Mind, Body & Spirit Energy 

Melissa Vogue - Bomb Mom Exploring Your Mind, Body & Spirit Energy 

In this podcast, Melissa and I explore what it takes to step towards your purposes. The challenges and signs that lead the way. 

How to know if your child is psychic and the steps to take to support a highly sensitive child in our modern world. 

We connect to her grandmother for advice and guidance whilst sharing plenty of aha moments. 

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Exploring Concepts of Spiritual Innovating 

Eva Goulette from Dancing Jaguar Inspiration and founder of Spirit Camp, USA discusses what is Spirit Camp, its objectives and plans for its future.


We also explore the importance of psychic children, how to identify a psychic child or teenager, and ways to support these gifts for humanity.


Understanding the Gifts if New Generation

Bronwyn Jane sits down with Eva from the Spiritual Families Summit to delve into the intriguing world of psychic children. With her profound insight and experience, Bronwyn explores the unique ways we can nurture and support these extraordinary young individuals in today's society. She sheds light on the essential knowledge parents and caregivers need to fully comprehend their needs and the remarkable abilities they contribute to our world. Tune in to uncover the mysteries and learn how to empower the psychic children among us.

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Time To Elevate Your Gifts and Find Flow

Join Kelly and Bronwyn as they uncover the secrets to enhancing your psychic abilities, and understanding why so many spiritual people feel like the black sheep of society.

Discover how to find flow in your life. Heal from past pain or hurts and connect to Spirit.


Whether you're a seasoned psychic or just beginning your spiritual journey, this episode is packed with wisdom, tips, and stories that will inspire you to embrace your unique path.

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