Providing some background on my journey

I guess, I would say my first experiences with mediumship was when I was 8, after my grandfather passed. After his passing, I saw and spoke to my grandfather in spirit often. These experiences brought me great comfort because he was never too far away. Whilst he was no longer here in body his soul, spirit and energy was still around me. In the following years, I would sense and see different spirits. As a young child with no understanding of what was happening it was challenging. When I shared my experiences with my family they were dismissed as it went against their beliefs. Eventually I was told to stop talking about it. Whilst I stopped sharing my experiences the encounters with spirit did not stop.

My earliest memory of a psychic predictions was when I was approximately 10 years old. These predictions included a diagnoses of cancer and my parents divorcing. For over two decades I forgot about these prediction. That being said, I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 23 (fully recovered now) and my parents separated when I was 15. 

During my 20's I experienced many psychic prediction including the 2004 Indonesia tsunamis and various earth quakes around the world. But my psychic ability was most beneficial when married to my first husband. My first husband travelled internationally therefore to remain connected we organized a call schedulled. Which was necessary due to the different time zones. Often, my husband didn’t call when we had planned. Initially, he lied about why he didn’t call. On each occasion I was able to confirm to him exactly where he was and what he was doing.  Suffice to say, he stopped lying. At this point, I knew if I trusted by ability it would never let me down.

For the following years I used my ability to guide my friends and family with "advice" about their everyday lives. It was not until I discovered my child had an ability that I sort professional guidance to enable a broader understanding. Over the following 7 years I sort a deeper understanding of all things metaphysical through study, being mentored by various gifted psychic mediums and metaphysical specialists. This is a complex field with many facets. Therefore, I continue to seek metaphysical knowledge, understand and experiences. 

Today, I use my ability to help others through a connection with Spirit, enabling validation and guidance.  I also love sharing my knowledge with those interested.

When we connect on a Soul-2-Soul level magic happens!

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My Credentials

​Psychic, Oracle & Palmistry Reader

​Certificate of Advance Mediumship

Forensic Mediumship Studies


​Certificate of Crystal & Quantum Healing


​​Certificate of Advance Metaphysics 

Certificate of Parapsychology

Peaceful Protection Certification

Flower Therapy Healer Certification


Certificate of ​​Meditation Teacher



​Certificate of Chair Yoga Teacher

Certificate of Holistic Counselor & Life Coach

Akashic Record Diploma

Channelling Diploma




The International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA)

International Institute for Complementary Therapy (IICT)

Working with Children (WWC Clearance No): WWC1308478V

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