Bronwyn Jane has been aware of her connection to the spirit world since she was eight years old. In 2017, after over ten years of training with some of Australia’s leading metaphysical teachers and world-renowned Psychic Mediums, Bronwyn embraced her ability professionally.


She holds certificates as a Psychic and Mediumship practitioner, and in Parapsychology, Spiritual Healing, and Advanced Metaphysics. In 2021, Bronwyn received the international credentials of Certified Spiritual Advisor (Psychic, Medium & Healer), LWISSD, and Advanced Lightworker from Tony Stockwell Soul Space. 

Her wealth of knowledge and experience, and her grounded and compassionate style have caught the attention of people around the globe. Bronwyn is often invited to speak on her fields of expertise internationally. 


Bronwyn's readings are both evidential and insightful. Whilst she thoroughly enjoys meeting your loved ones in Spirit, the purpose of her readings is to organically guide YOU in illuminating your path forward in alignment with your soul.

In 2020, the Psychic Mediumship College (PMC) was launched providing online and in-person coaching and development programs. Bronwyn's approach to spiritual education is nurturing, insightful, and empowering. She focuses on exploring your body-mind-spirit energy and guides you in illuminating your path forward in alignment with your soul.


Bronwyn welcomes you to connect with her for uplifting readings, inspirational coaching sessions, or transformational self-awareness training.

Want to live a more conscious life and deepen your relationship with spirit? Let’s chat!


Psychic Medium & Spiritual  Coach

Transforming lives through connection and awareness

Bronwyn Jane does not discriminate in any form - race, creed, sex, gender, religion, age, or anything else.


 Everyone is welcome!

"It's not my place to judge another's souls journey"

Bronwyn Jane Psychic Medium