I am grateful for the deep connection with Spirit which I share during my readings; and I'm truly honoured to be trusted by my clients during this experience. That being said, I know new clients may be cautious or want to know what to expect from a reading with me.

Whilst I do not seek any type of recognition for readings below are a few of the personal messages I have received from clients.

Reading Reviews

​"I cannot thank you enough for doing this beautiful reading for me
Your reading has given me so many points and guidance! I without a doubt will be recommending you to all my friends and family. Again thank you truly from the bottom of my heart"

Elisa (Sydney)

"I can't thank you Bronwyn enough. I was a bit skeptical but I think I'm jumping on the band wagon I believe everyone should know the gift Bronwyn  has and embrace it."

Angela (Sydney)

" I wasn't sure if an online reading would be accurate. I sent a picture of my girlfriend to Bronwyn Jane and within 2 weeks what Bronwyn said happened. including the things I hoped would happen. But know the good and bad got me ready to handle it all. I was ready for it all and that made it easier. Thank you for you honesty"

Dom (USA)

“Bronwyn Jane you were so absolutely right about everything that was said to me. Most has since come true. As someone rational and logical, I can only say that I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me, but it did.”

Riley (Sydney)

"Great thanks Bronwyn Jane, you have opened my eyes to a lot and I am now ready to move forward with my life. Indefinite possibilities I am looking forward to."

Lashawndra (USA)

"I've seen 4 or 5 different mediums but I prefer you Bronwyn. You make me feel comfortable and are generous with your time. I never feel rushed or like you are moving me on to see the next person. I've seen her 5 times and each time she say's something that blows my mind leaving me wondering, how could she know that?"

Madelaine (Sydney)


"I received a email reading from Bronwyn about a potential partner. You gave me information I needed to help me make a decision.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for this opportunity ma'am. Thank you very much! Have a Happy New Year!"

Sally (Philippines)


"Bronwyn is a great at her readings. She is very accurate. She is a very kind,compassionate and beautiful and soul. I have recommended her to my family and friends. They have all been completely satisfied with their readings."

Leanne (Sydney)

"This Psychic Bronwyn Jane is amazing her readings will knock your socks off I highly recommend her"

Kim (Oyster Bay)

"Bronwyn is amazing, she provides accurate information in her readings in a kind and gentle way. I thoroughly recommend her. 5 stars!"

Fiona (Ballina)

"Bronwyn is amazing!! She has a caring yet no nonsense style of delivering all the information she receives."

Belinda (Mt Annan)

“Within the past 5 years I have been blessed with several readings from Bronwyn. It is clear to me that she puts her heart and soul into her mediumship. She creates a warm and relaxing environment conductive to a positive experience. She makes me laugh every time I have seen her.  My readings have contained valid information from my passed loved ones delivered with compassion, respect, humour & in a way that is meaningful to me. I have witnessed first-hand as the connection Bronwyn has with the Spiritual world deepen over the time. I therefore have no hesitation recommending Bronwyn to my nearest and dearest. Do yourself a favour a make an appointment.”

Danielle (Spring Farm)


"A wonderfully gifted individual with so much talent and love in her heart to share! I've personally known Bronwyn for quite a long time and her abilities to feel and perceive guidance from the other side is nothing short of extraordinary."

Wes (Straithfield)

"Bronwyn is truly gifted in her field. She is most inspiring and very talented. She knows how to make you feel welcome and has the ability to deliver messages with sensitivity to your given situation. If you want a reading from someone talented then this is the person you should go too. Bronwyn I have been most impressed with your services and those whom I have recommended to you also share the same gratitude.  I shall be making another booking soon"

Katherine (Sydney)

Coaching Reviews

I had the privilege of being mentored in a one on one setting with Bronwyn with what I thought was going to be an intro in to psychic development but what I got was far more than I expected!!!

It was AMAZING!! I was blown away with not only the teachings Bronwyn delivered to me which was clear and easy to understand but the connections I have sought for so long presented themselves with such ease. I have always struggled with my connection with spirit until MY FIRST LESSON with Bronwyn!!!

I wish I had of done it earlier. For anyone wishing to learn Bronwyn is THE BEST TEACHER and explains things in a simple, easy to learn setting. She's a teacher who teachers from the heart and it shows in her delivery. I have so much respect for this lady and I cannot wait for my next lesson.

Amanda (Campbelltown)

I have had the pleasure with working with Bronwyn for the past 3 months,as she been my meditation teacher. My experience with Bronwyn is highly recommend. I find her to be positive and honest, and very encouraging to my learning and development.

I always feel very inspired to go forward when Bronwyn is teaching me.

Sarah (Liverpool)

I have had the privilege of having one on one educational sessions with Bronwyn, as well as zoom call exercises. Bronwyn both as a teacher and as a friend, has helped me build up my confidence with my spiritual abilities. She helps me look at things from a different perspective, and in turn sheds new light on concepts I’ve had trouble previously grasping. She is devoted to helping others understand and connect with spirit. I often hear her voice in my head when I’m connecting with spirit because her teachings are etched into my memory. Her empathy allows you to fully trust and let go of fear which ultimately strengthens your connection with spirit. She has helped me learn to put my ego aside and to come from my heart space.

Her courses are thorough and are open and relatable to people of all levels of spirituality and learning.
She hold an utmost level of integrity and both practices and teaches with an exemplary level of ethics and responsibility.
She is ‘to the point’ which is needed when working with spirit, but can also bring to light positives and truths that you have not considered.

Bronwyn pushes me to go deeper, try harder and to surrender a little further each time we work together.
I highly recommend Bronwyn as a spiritual teacher; she will instill important core values from the beginning which can positively impact your practice as a whole.

Bronwyn accepts you for who you are. This is so important to be able to practice from a place of light.

Thankyou for your continual support and inspiration

Jessica (Wollongong)

Bronwyn…I have been looking for you all my life!

For over 20 years, I was seeking an expert to guide me through understanding and developing my psychic abilities. Yes, there are a handful of noteworthy people who might fit the bill but nothing compares to Bronwyn. She is the real deal and a straight shooter…her knowledge and experience are above the rest. Walking in to meet Bronwyn for my first coaching session, I could sense her genuine, honest and compassionate nature. Months in nothing has changed, except now I also get doses of her witty and very delightful sense of humour. In a short period of time, Bronwyn has given me the power to gain crucial insight to the spirit world and my own intuition via one-on-one coaching and access to her free online meditation. I highly recommend Bronwyn to anyone on a spiritual journey or just looking for a psychic medium who will blow your mind away and soothe your painful heart.

Bronwyn, your energy is real and loving and I am so looking forward to more magical moments with you!

Nadeha (Sydney)

This woman is AMAZING in so many ways I have attended meditation and also a one on one session with Bronwyn and I never leave disappointed. Bronwyn is genuine, supportive, knowledgeable and compassionate and has helped me in many ways. I am only starting on my spiritual journey and am so blessed to have her guide me through. I am getting on top of my anxiety with her help and support and I feel empowered after being in her presence every time. Highly recommended to anyone as this woman is straight forward but also tailors her sessions to you. I can not thank the universe enough for allowing me to cross paths with her as she is a blessing.

Hayley (Sth West Sydney)

Highly recommend Bronwyn's meditation classes as they unlock parts of yourself on a spiritual & mental level, unblocking and releasing stored tension & activating your chakras leaving you feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed.

Sharon (Liverpool)