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You might already know this but lets just cover it off anyway.

A medium is a person who connects with the spirit of passed loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels. Whereas, a psychic (also known as Intuitive) has an ability to energetically perceive events in the past, present and future associated with the living.

As a professional Psychic Medium I am blessed to share my abilities with others. Offering a variety of services including readings, education, holistic counseling, meditation classes and support for parents of psychic kids. Each service has specific outcomes therefore consider your expectation before selecting a service. If you have any questions please contact me before choosing a service.



Come with an open heart and let the connection begin.

This means sometimes a reading may not always focus on what you want to hear. Rather it may be what you NEED to know now, for your highest good. If you’re not ready to hear everything then I may not be the reader for you.

I'm casual, warm and speak plain English. Truth be told, I am properly a lot like you. I'm centered, say the word "shit" too often and am always sincere.  I'm not a hippy, not a new age spiritualist with purple everywhere or a angel of white light burning sage while ringing bells. 

​Our time together is limited and will go quickly. Therefore, before we meet I undertake a focused meditation using the photo(s) you have supplied. The photo(s) is used to either, call close your passed loved one or connect to client’s energy. I have no use for the photo(s) after the reading. All photo(s) are returned at the end of the appointment and/or destroyed.

If you're not comfortable with providing a photo prior to your appointment I will connect during the reading using either a piece of your jewellery or Oracle cards. A client acknowledges using these tools for connection will impact the reading time and amount of information.

About my readings
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Receive validation, confirmation and messages.

Communicating with your loved one (also known as Spirit) is not the same as having a conversation if they were alive. Rather, its similar to how people text on their mobile phones using shortened words and emoji's to communicate. Spirit will show symbols, signs, songs - anything to get their message across. What I do with this information is translated their message whilst keeping it authentic. I won't make it "fit" and always give the information as I get it, even if it doesn't make sense to me.  It's Spirit communicating with you providing the message you need at this moment in time.

Spirit energies can be strong and dominant or weak and soft. Therefore, it's important to validate the information they provide. This helps with the flow of communication. That being said, don't be concerned if you're unable to validate all the information during the reading. It's not unusual to remember things days later. Also, some information provide by Spirit may be future events. 

As a medium I am unable to control who in Spirit connects during a reading or what the message is. I ask clients to be open to receiving messages from all loved ones in Spirit. Not just the ones they want to hear from, as this may block an important message.  Please be mindful, I cannot guarantee who in Spirit will make contact. If you're not ready to "not" hear from someone that has passed, I may not be the right person to read for you. Messages may be for the client but on occasion can also be for someone within the family who wouldn't have a reading.


Come with an open heart and mind to experience a wonderful connection.


During a reading if guided by Spirit, I may also use a techniques like psychometry, pendulums and oracle cards. These techniques can help Spirit communicate with their energetic language.

1) To aid in a more concise psychometry reading ensure the jewellery item or watch is solely yours, and not used or owned by anyone else.

2) Any questions directed to the Oracle cards must specifically relate to you. This means you're not asking a question for someone else. If the guidance is not for you it may impact Spirit response.

You have FREE WILL. Therefore, at the time of the reading what I see for your future can change based on your decisions. The purpose of a reading is to aid in co-creating a life which is in your highest good. You're a story in motion and this is not fortune telling. Nothing is set in stone, you can use your free will and Spirits guidance to course correct, if desired.

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Guidance and (or) insights.

Using the photo(s) provided prior to your reading I connect with the person in the photograph (you) through meditation by tuning into to their energy, their higher self and guides (Angels).

During the reading I share any information that comes through in meditation as well as information received during the reading.  The information may be past, present and/or future. This type of connection can provide guidance on career, travel, study, finances and relationships.  It does not include connection with passed love one. As our together goes very quickly please ensure your questions are ready before your appointment. 

Heart Felt Readings Illuminating The Path Forward

Whether you connect to Spirit or your own soul, something shifts within when there's clarity.



Connect with passed loved ones allowing messages of love, validation & guidance to be received during this special re-connection service.


A service which focus on YOU, your energy and the energy around you. It's an opportunity to gain insights into your love life, career, finances, travel and relationships.


Readings may cover past, present and future events. It may also, include validation and messages from Spirit. These reading services are delivered either by phone or email.


I am grateful for the deep connection with Spirit that I share during readings; and I'm truly honoured to be trusted by my clients during this experience. Whilst I do not seek any type of recognition for readings I realize new clients may be cautious or want to know what to expect from a reading with me.  Therefore I have included some of testimonials.

IMPORTANT: Before engaging in a service please read Bronwyn Jane’s Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions please contact us.


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