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Bronwyn Jane is a highly respected Psychic Medium with over a decade of professional experience, known worldwide for her exceptional abilities. Her dedication to providing ethical and compassionate readings is evident in every session.


Whether you seek to connect with departed loved ones, spiritual guides, or your own inner self, Bronwyn Jane's expertise and credentials make her the perfect guide to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Bronwyn Jane
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Come with an open heart and let the connection begin.

I'm a down-to-earth and relatable person who speaks in plain English. I'm just like you - genuine, grounded, and sincere. I don't fit the stereotype of a new-age spiritualist with all the bells and whistles. Instead, I offer a safe and non-judgmental space where we can connect and explore your spiritual journey together.

About My Readings
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Receive Validation, Confirmation, and Messages.

Communicating with your loved one (also known as Spirit) is not the same as having a conversation if they were alive. Rather, it's similar to how people text on their mobile phones using shortened words and emojis to communicate. Spirit will show symbols, signs, songs - anything to get their message across. What I do with this information is translate their message whilst keeping it authentic. I won't make it "fit" and always give the information as I get it, even if it doesn't make sense to me.  It's Spirit communicating with you providing the message you need at this moment in time.

Spirit energies can be strong and dominant or weak and soft. Therefore, it's important to validate the information they provide. This helps with the flow of communication. That being said, don't be concerned if you're unable to validate all the information during the reading. It's not unusual to remember things days later. Also, some information provided by Spirit may be future events. 

As a medium, I may not be able to control who in Spirit connects during the reading or what the message is. I ask clients to be open to receiving messages from all loved ones in Spirit. Not just the ones they want to hear from, as this may block an important message.  Please be mindful, that I cannot guarantee who in Spirit will make contact. If you're not ready to "not" hear from someone who has passed, I may not be the right person to read for you. Messages may be for the client but on occasion can also be for someone within the family who wouldn't have a reading.


Come with an open heart and mind to experience a wonderful connection.



Guidance and Insights.

Bronwyn’s psychic readings offer profound guidance without the use of tarot cards or other psychic tools, relying solely on a direct connection with Spirit. This unique approach allows her to share insights about your past, present, and potential future, helping illuminate paths in your career, relationships, finances, and even your life purpose.

Bronwyn provides information that encompasses not just what's to come, but also what's occurring now, helping you understand and navigate your current circumstances. This connection can provide pivotal guidance on major life decisions involving career transitions, travel plans, educational pursuits, financial management, and interpersonal relationships.

Your time together is valuable and tends to pass quickly. To make the most of your session, please come prepared with specific questions you seek answers to. This preparation ensures that every moment is spent addressing your most pressing concerns.

Understanding Free Will: Your future is not fixed; it's shaped by the choices you make. During your reading, Bronwyn will outline potential futures based on your current path. However, you hold the power to change directions at any time. The insights provided are meant to assist you in co-creating a life aligned with your highest good, empowering you to use both your free will and the guidance from Spirit to make choices that best serve your journey.




Healing and Growth.

Discover profound transformation with an Awakening reading that illuminates your soul's journey, purpose, and associated life lessons. This deeply powerful and personalized reading provides in-depth insights, allowing you to explore your innermost thoughts and emotions with ease. Through this experience, you will gain a heightened awareness of your soul contracts, spiritual team and even past lives allowing for focused healing and spiritual inspiration.

Designed to align your life with your true purpose, this reading also helps you overcome obstacles and gain a clear understanding of any challenges you may be facing. With a greater sense of clarity and purpose, you will be empowered to live your best life and unlock your true potential. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a life of fulfillment and joy as you connect with your soul and unlock the power within.

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