A Professional Code of Ethics

Code of ethics for readings, holistic healings and all service provided by Bronwyn Jane:

18 and older. For insurance purposes psychic readings and healing's are considered entertainment. They MUST NOT be provided for anyone under 18 years of age unless in the company of a parent or legal guardian.

Keep Confidential. A client's trust is highly valued and everything shared within the client-practitioner / reader sphere is kept strictly confidential. It is ethical only to disclose confidential information when the client consents to it or when there is a real and imminent threat of harm to the client or to others, and this threat can be only diffused by a breach of confidentiality. 

Respect Rights. Respect the rights and preferences of all clients and my colleagues. Respect a person’s right to refuse or accept help on their own terms and never force a reading, a message, opinions or lifestyle on others. 

Do No Harm. Abilities gifted by Spirit are to be use only in serving the highest good of all involved. Understand that gifts are solely intended for healing, helping and supporting others and strive to always use resources appropriately, in the best way possible, and only in benefit of community. 

Withhold Judgement. Agree to only provide spiritual services when you can do so as an unbiased and clear vessel. There is never to be judgment influenced by personal profit, unfair discrimination or a psychics emotions. A service will be decline if it cannot perform it without judgement.

Permission. Bronwyn Jane will never provide unsolicited guidance or healing of energy work of any form. Being connected means interrupting energetic information. Not everyone is ready to receive the information interrupted. Therefore, Bronwyn Jane will not force her will on others by imparting information on someone with them initiating the request.

Colleagues. A spiritual professional never undermines other colleagues in order to attract their own clients and only behaves towards their colleagues as they would wish them behave towards them.

Volunteer Hours. Bronwyn Jane gives back by providing free education and spiritual support and as guided.


Providing Services. Only services within Bronwyn Jane ability are provided, and that will help the client at their highest level. When examination of an issue is beyond a Bronwyn's capacity it should be referred to the appropriate trusted professionals. 

NOTE: Readings are for guidance only. All readings should not at any time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact. ​


Psychic & Mediumship Code of Ethics

Psychic Mediumship Code of Ethics Declaration of Principles

As a reader I agree to the below:

  1. Work to enhance the image of the metaphysical community by living with personal and professional integrity.

  2. Treat all persons equally without prejudice or discrimination because of sex, race, ethnic background,  religious affiliation or sexual preference.

  3. Strive for quality in readings, all metaphysical and spiritual work.

  4. Encourage seekers to accept total responsibility for their lives and the choices they must make in their lives.

  5. Honour others’ points of view, even those that differ from mine.

  6. Display fees on this website at the time of booking. There is no hidden charges or overtime surcharge.

  7. Maintain confidential and discreet with all readings.

  8. Not claiming 100% accuracy, because no one has or is meant to have all the answers all the time. Spirit, God, and/or the Universe has a plan that is not always revealed to us.

  9. To advise that I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist or medical doctor. Therefore do not give diagnosis or psychological counseling.

  10. Not knowing counsel someone regarding their passing or terminal disease.

  11. Never force clients to accept what I am telling them.

  12. Keep the clients’ welfare in mind first. In cases where I feel I cannot psychically serve the client, I advise them honestly and refund their money, if applicable.

  13. To promise to work conscientiously for the highest and best good of my clients.