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OPTIONS: In-Person, Phone or Zoom Video Call

  • 45 min
  • 250 Australian dollars
  • In-Person, Zoom or Phone

Service Description

Join Bronwyn, a gifted psychic and medium, for a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional readings. This isn’t about predicting the future—it's about understanding the profound underpinnings of your life. Why are certain patterns recurring in your life? What are the spiritual lessons you are meant to learn? How can you align more closely with your soul's purpose? Identify and release any blocks while unlocking growth and awareness. During this unique session, Bronwyn will connect with both her spiritual team and yours, drawing on her extensive abilities to channel messages of deep wisdom from your Spirit guides, and other divine beings. These insights can reveal your soul contract, helping you understand the spiritual reasons behind life's challenges and guiding you towards healing and fulfillment. This reading is an opportunity to receive guidance that is tailored specifically to your journey. It’s more than uncovering what’s to come; it’s about empowering you to shape your future with an enlightened understanding of your past and present. Whether you're seeking to heal from life's events, find clarity on your life's purpose, understand why you feel stuck, connect with your spirit guide or simply to live a life that feels profoundly aligned with your true essence, this session can be a pivotal step in your spiritual evolution. Step beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Discover the how and why of your life with Bronwyn’s insightful spiritual reading. It's time to illuminate your path and unlock the full potential of your spiritual journey. BE ALL YOU CAN BE! WHY WORK WITH BRONWYN? Bronwyn is one of the few Australian Psychic Mediums internationally tested and certified, she is renowned for her authenticity, ethics and compassion. Bronwyn also holds one of the highest international credentials, Spiritual Master Teacher (LWISSD) And the best part? You can access this reading from anywhere in the world via Zoom, making it easy and convenient for everyone. NOTE: 1) Ensure your email and mobile details are correct. Confirmations are emailed, with appointment reminders sent by email & text. Check your spam, junk & trash folders if the confirmation is not in your inbox. 2) A "no show" is someone who doesn't attend their appointment, doesn't answer their phone, or doesn't join Zoom. Bronwyn will wait max 10mins before considering you a "No Show". Refer to our cancellation policy for refund details.

Cancellation Policy

A full refund applies when you contact us requesting to cancel your appointment within 48 hours of the appointment. If you request to cancel your appointment within 12-48 before your appointment we will reschedule. Your appointment will not be rescheduled or refunded if you do not attend your appointment, do not answer your phone for your phone reading, do not join your Zoom reading or request to cancel your appointment within 12 hours of the scheduled time.

Contact Details

+61 0411 567 691

Lakeland Circuit, Harrington Park NSW, Australia

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