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Looking for a guest for your podcast, event, YouTube channel, radio show, digital media, or another media outlet?


Bronwyn is a regular speaker and loves connecting with audiences as she shares her experiences and knowledge on a variety of topics. Some of the media Bronwyn has been featured in are  Daily Telegraph (Australia), Your Own Best Company (USA podcast), Intuitive Awakening (USA podcast), Women Entrepreneurs Radio (USA), Inspire, Innovate, Ignite - Conversation that Count (Panel Guest featured on Women's Prosperity Network) and Empowered & Unapologetic! (USA podcast), Peaceful Power (USA podcast).

View all of our podcasts here.

Bronwyn is open to sharing all her knowledge and experiences.


Below is an example of some talking points:

  • Understanding the afterlife and mediumship.

  • How to tap into your intuition for real life. 

  • Supporting families of psychic, empath, and energetic sensitive children.

  • Benefits of meditation and holistic counseling.

  • How to understand energetic protection, mindfulness, and ground can improve your professional and relationships.

  • Tips for living a more spiritual life and moving past our blocks.

  • Skills and tools for sensitive people in our modern world.

  • Finding your purpose through understanding life lessons and soul contracts.

  • Why ghosts are just misunderstood.

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