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An empowering and grounded Psychic Medium & Spiritual Coach who compassionately guides those with open hearts through an authentic connection to Spirit.


Bronwyn Jane provides heartfelt readings & online coaching to develop your gifts, illuminating your pathway.

Whether you connect to Spirit or your own soul, through readings or coaching, something shifts within when there's clarity.


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Whether you work with Bronwyn Jane through her educational programs, coaching, or spiritual guidance and readings, without a doubt, she will exceed your expectations.

I am constantly in awe of the advice and insights I experience when working with Bronwyn Jane. Her level of integrity and compassion is unwavering, and her passion for guidance and connection shines through with every interaction I have with her.

If you're seeing this, then you've been guided here for a reason. I highly recommend you reach out and connect with Bronwyn Jane, it will honestly change your world for the better.

Melissa Nimmo

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