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Bronwyn Jane international psychic medium walking in a meadow

Life Changing Courses & Insightful Readings

As an internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach with over 12 years of professional experience, Bronwyn Jane is passionate about helping others develop their intuitive abilities
and receive the clarity and comfort they seek
through ethical, heartfelt readings.



Seeking answers, closure, or simply connection?

Receive a fulfilling reading that will bring you closer to your spirit guides as Bronwyn works alongside them to ethically translate their most pressing messages for you.

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Online Courses 
& Coaching

Take your abilities to the next level through a selection of courses and coaching packages suitable for all experience and education levels. Through self-guided coursework, group coaching and personal mentoring, you’ll receive an unparalleled spiritual education and development.

What clients are saying

For over 20 years, I was seeking an expert to guide me through understanding and developing my psychic abilities. Yes, there are a handful of noteworthy people who might fit the bill but nothing compares to Bronwyn. She is the real deal and a straight shooter…her knowledge and experience are above the rest. Walking in to meet Bronwyn for my first coaching session, I could sense her genuine, honest and compassionate nature. Months in nothing has changed, except now I also get doses of her witty and very delightful sense of humour.

In a short period of time, Bronwyn has given me the power to gain crucial insight into the spirit world and my own intuition via one-on-one coaching and access to her free online meditation. I highly recommend Bronwyn to anyone on a spiritual journey or just looking for a psychic medium who will blow your mind away and soothe your painful heart.

Bronwyn, your energy is real and loving and I am so looking forward to more magical moments with you!

Nadeha El Ashwah

Meet Bronwyn

Bronwyn Jane is a distinguished Australian psychic medium and spiritual healer who holds one of the highest international credentials and certifications available for a psychic or medium. As the founder of Australia's Psychic Mediumship College, she is a beacon of compassion, authenticity, and inspiration, touching lives and offering solace and insight to people not just in Australia but around the globe.

With her exceptional connection to the spirit world, Bronwyn has the power to transform lives, bringing comfort and understanding to those in need. Her extensive expertise as a spiritual educator, author, and speaker has earned her worldwide recognition. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the life-changing impact of Bronwyn's gifts.


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Do you want to unlock your psychic abilities? 

How We Can Help

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"Something shifts within you when there is clarity"
Bronwyn Jane

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