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Bronwyn Jane

An international Psychic Medium that provides heartfelt ethical readings, and quality and relatable online education for people wanting to develop their intuition.


What sets Bronwyn apart is the empowering and grounded approach she brings to every connection. Her level of integrity and authenticity is unsurpassed.



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About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Jane is one of the only few Australian psychic mediums that is internationally certified as a psychic medium and spiritual healer. She is also the founder of Australia's Psychic Mediumship College.

Compassionate, authentic, and inspiring Bronwyn Jane's connection to the spirit world transforms lives, and brings comfort, and understanding to people within Australia and around the world. Bronwyn is an accomplished spiritual educator, author, and speaker who regularly speaks internationally in her field of expertise.


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What We Offer
What clients are saying

Whether you work with Bronwyn Jane through her educational programs, coaching, or spiritual guidance and readings, without a doubt, she will exceed your expectations.
I am constantly in awe of the advice and insights I experience when working with Bronwyn Jane. Her level of integrity and compassion is unwavering, and her passion for guidance and connection shines through with every interaction I have with her.
If you're seeing this, then you've been guided here for a reason. I highly recommend you reach out and connect with Bronwyn Jane, it will honestly change your world for the better.

Melissa Nimmo

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"Something shifts within when you have clarified"
Bronwyn Jane

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