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 Insightful & Life Changing Readings

As an internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach with over 12 years of professional experience, Bronwyn provides heartfelt readings and teaching.


Bronwyn Jane is passionate about providing connections for people seeking connection with loved ones in spirit, or a deeper connection with their own soul through ethical, compassionate readings.

Bronwyn Jane is a distinguished Australian psychic medium and spiritual healer who holds one of the highest international credentials and certifications available for a psychic or medium. As the founder of Australia's Psychic Mediumship College, she is a beacon of compassion, authenticity, and inspiration, touching lives and offering solace and insight to people not just in Australia but around the globe.

With her exceptional connection to the spirit world, Bronwyn has the power to transform lives, bringing comfort and understanding to those in need. Her extensive expertise as a spiritual educator, author, and speaker has earned her worldwide recognition. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the life-changing impact of Bronwyn's gifts.


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To get the most out of your session when working with me, come with an open heart and release your expectations!

Meet Bronwyn Jane

What People Say



Bronwyn was amazing. It was like she knew me, my thoughts and feelings, yet we had never met.
She was able to break down my problem in detail and provide insight into the different paths.
She could describe my situation very specifically, without me giving her any information.
I came away feeling amazed and very enlightened.
Crystal Ball


Whether you work with Bronwyn Jane through her coaching, or spiritual guidance and readings, without a doubt, she will exceed your expectations. I am constantly in awe of the advice and insights I experience when working with Bronwyn Jane. Her level of integrity and compassion is unwavering, and her passion for guidance and connection shines through with every interaction.
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Bronwyn Jane has changed my life in the best way. More than anything she is a beautiful soul that’s made me a better person. My path was a little confused before I met her. I honestly feel reborn. I'm much more positive and confident. Also, I have had many readings - WOW,  so accurate compared to other readings I’ve had readings. She is genuine and positive and makes you feel comfortable & is straightforward, as it should be.
Oracle Cards reading Bronwyn Jane
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Develop Your Abilities

Bronwyn Jane holds one of the highest industry-specific credentials as a certified Master Teacher, LWISSD.


Ulitiles Bronwyn Jane's experience and take your abilities to the next level through a selection of courses and coaching packages suitable for all levels. She offers these via the college she founded Psychic Mediumship College.

International BEST SELLER

A Resilient Life - Resilience Under Fire
Authored by Bronwyn Jane

Join me in this immersive experience—not just a book, but a conversation that beckons you to explore your resilience, reflect on your unique journey, and draw inspiration from the victories of others. With an open heart, flip through these pages. Let the wisdom within this book be your guide through life's complexities—offering inspiration, practical insights, and the courage to embrace your unique journey of moving forward.

Ready to embark on this transformative adventure? Let's begin together.

I share my story with immense appreciation for your journey alongside mine.

Available worldwide: AU,  US , UK, CA, IT, SE , DE, FR, ES , NL, PL, JP

"Be All You Can Be"
Bronwyn Jane

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Proudly Featured

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"Something shifts within you when there is clarity"
Bronwyn Jane

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