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A Free Webinar on How to Support Your Gifted Child

 15th October 2021

Presented by Bronwyn Jane,
Psychic Medium & Soul Coach.

Bronwyn has been aware of her connection to the spirit world since she was eight years old. But it was only after her young son had experiences she could not explain that Bronwyn sort professional metaphysical educators.


Over the past 10 years,  Bronwyn has worked with Australia’s leading metaphysical teachers and world-renowned Psychic Mediums.  She holds certificates as a Psychic and Mediumship practitioner, and in Parapsychology and Advanced Metaphysics. Her wealth of knowledge and experience and her grounded and compassionate style have caught the attention of people around the globe.

Bronwyn is passionate about supporting parents of gifted children, as she believes these children are the key to a more enlighten world.


My life was pretty conventional until I noticed my 2 year old son talking to the air. When I asked him what he was doing he told me he was talking to the "man in the hat". Over the next 8 years, the "man in the hat" become a regular visitor for my son. 


Maybe your child is speaking about "imaginary friends", has mentioned they have seen or spoken to relatives who are passed. Or your child knows details about events, and you can't explain how they know these things. 

Raising a child with psychic gifts adds a layer of complexity to parenting, requiring an open mind and a willingness to learn. As well as, a respectful acceptance that we can't see, hear or feel all that exists in the universe. You may have your own childhood experiences but have closed down your ‘sixth sense’. For very young children connection with Spirit and psychic experiences are usually not a challenge because they have not long come from the spirit world. Therefore, it can feel quite natural for them as they haven’t let go of their ‘sixth sense'. However as a parent, trying to understand your child's experiences, and then integrate these into family life can be an overwhelming.

As your child gets older, they become influenced by community, family and peers. This can cause confusion for your child. It may lead them to withdraw or even prefer to be with the Spirit world. Also, psychic children are sensitive to environments and other people's energy meaning they feel things others don't. These children often are unsure how to interrupt what they are feeling and can mistakenly believing these feels are theirs. As parents of psychic kids, we need to be able to support and nurture our special children. Whilst allowing them to enjoy their childhood and know they are not alone.

Do you feel helpless and don't know how to help your child?
Are you nervous about what is coming next? 
Are you looking for ways to support your child and understand their experiences?
Is your child's experiences impacting daily life, their schooling and relationships?

The Webinar Will Cover

A four year old experiences with Spirit is very different to a 15 year old.


In this webinar, Bronwyn explains how and why its different. As well as, what to expect as your child matures.  


Being psychic does not always feel like a gift. Sometimes it's more of a burden with misunderstanding and judgement. It takes a toll on a psychic kids emotions and the body.

Bronwyn provides tips for your psychic child experiences like managing sleep, school & friends.

Spirit can be demanding and our world can be challenging for sensitive and intuitive souls.


Bronwyn shares skills on how to ground and energetically protect your psychic child. Enabling them to develop boundaries with Spirit. 

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