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Embracing Psychic & Sensitive Kids

  • Do you have a child that knows information about people who have passed that they never knew? 

  • Does your child have conversations with an ‘imaginary friend? 

  • Does your child know when you don’t feel emotionally well?

  • Do they seem to intuitively know something wrong or going to happen?

  • Does your child have vivid dreams or is woken up from nightmares?

  • Are they affair of the dark or have trouble sleeping?

  • Is your child overwhelmed by crowds or loud noises?

Support & Guidance for Psychic Children

These are some of the signs your child may be psychic.

Every parent dreads the day their child walks up and asks, "Where do babies come from?" That's nothing compared to the child who announces, "I see dead people”. 

It’s true, not every imaginary friend is “imaginary”. And not every “monster in the cupboard” is a monster. The trick is knowing, what’s simply a child’s imagination and what’s something more. 

Experiencing fears and concerns when first confronted with the concept that your child may be experiencing something you don't fully understand is normal. You can feel ill-equipped to handle the unique situation. Finding someone who truly understands and is willing to help is challenging. I know, because I have been in your shoes. 

My first-hand experiences as a psychic medium mean I understand your child’s experiences.  Furthermore, I'm a parent of a psychic medium, and as such, know the unique parenting experiences that occur through childhood, adolescents, and young adulthood for these children. 

Over the past 7 years, I've worked with many families equipping them with knowledge, skills, and tools to nurture and support their children through the numerous stages psychic and sensitive children experience.

If you are seeking guidance, support, or education for yourself or your child this service is perfect.

Bronwyn Jane is an internationally certified Psychic and Medium.  Bronwyn provides readings & guidance for people around the world and is recognized as ethical, authentic, and compassionate. 

Meet Bronwyn as she explains the service  


NOTE: Appointments are accepted on the website only, not by text or phone. No PayPal account is required to secure a reading.



Duration: Each session is 90mins

Where: In-person at Harrington Park (Friday)

             Zoom (Monday - Friday)

Exchange: $250 AUD per session


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