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Loyalty Offer

Premium Package + Coaching

Premium Development Package

Ready to take your skills to the next level? Our exclusive 3-course package is here to supercharge your development and propel you towards success.

Imagine having access to THREE premium Intuition, Psychic & Mediumship online courses, curated to cover a wide range of topics and skills. From how to open to spirit, connecting to your spiritual team, spirit communication and more, we've got you covered.

And the best part? You'll save over $520 on this incredible package! That's right, we're slashing the prices so you can invest in your future without breaking the bank. This package is valued at $2086 AUD

But it gets even better. We understand learning can feel overwhelming, so we've included superior coaching. Bronwyn Jane will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized support and valuable insights.

Don't let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) get the best of you – secure your spot now and unlock a world of possibilities.

Click on the course links below to learn more and save big on our 3-course package.

P.S. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your investment – no questions asked. We believe in our program because we believe in you!


Level 1 - Intuition Amplified + Group Coaching

(course code IAOPT2)  

Level 2 - Intuit Psychic + Group Coaching

(course code IPOPT2)

Level 3 - The Eternal Soul Mediumship + Group Coaching

(course code ESOPT2)

This premium development package includes all 3 of the above courses for $1556

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Ready to continue your development?

Return Student Discounts

As a graduate of Psychic Mediumship College, you can access the below discount options for the next step in your development.

A graduate is someone who has completed one of the courses offered by Psychic Mediumship College


The group course discount is valid when paid in full. It's not available on payment plans or with any other offers.

The below offers are for return students only. Your previous course enrolment will be verified to confirm your previous study.  



As a graduate of one of our online courses, you qualify for a reduced fee on any of the below-listed courses.


20% off the listed price


Intuition Amplified + Group Coaching (level 1)

(course code IAOPT2)  


Intuit Psychic + Group Coaching (level 2)

(course code IPOPT2)


The Eternal Soul Mediumship + Group Coaching (level 3)

(course code ESOPT2)


  Mind Mastery Program

(course code ASOPT1)




The above discount applies when the course is paid in full. Payment plans are not available for this offer.

25% off the listed price

Limited availability for mentoring


Intuit Psychic + Private Mentoring (level 2)

(course code IPOPT3)

The Eternal Soul Mediumship + Private Mentoring (level 3)

(course code ESOPT3)

Mind Mastery Program + Holistic Life Coaching

(course code ASOPT2)

* Students wishing to work 1:1 with Bronwyn need to email for payment link. On request, payment plans and Afterpay are available for mentoring courses. Return Student discounts are not in addition to any sales or package deals. 

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Alumni Discount

Let’s Work Together Again

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