What is a Soul Star & Transpersonal Point?

Limiting teaching on Chakras show them as simply within us. But their energy actual protects out of our psychical some distance. Also, each Chakra is energetically connected allowing communication & the translation of an energetic frequency between each other Chakra.

The Soul Star Chakra is our core essence and an aspect of the Soul. Often drawn & shown above the head, it's actually located in the Auric field, near the heart chakra. The Soul Star is likened to a spiritual ‘umbilical cord’. It can become dull from our life experiences that remove us from our spiritual truth and life-path.

One reason why our Chakras are not able to fully function is because of disempowering (emotional and spiritual) issues.

The Soul Star allows the vision of the soul into our conscious mind. As our dreams and visions integrate within us, our entire energetic system starts to vibrate at a higher frequency allowing us to perceive our universal truth. Allowing us a stronger connection to spiritual consciousness and to our life path and soul's journey.

The Soul Star chakra is linked to wanting to feel and be aligned with ones own life path. Desiring transformational change within yourself, accelerating your spiritual growth to gain a better understanding of yourself, others and God. Seeing through illusion to gain illumination. Seeing the beauty in everything and everyone. Stepping into the light. Wanting to connect with your Higher Self.The human energy field has many layers. Within this field there are 7 major Chakras corresponding to our physical body and 3 m