What is a Soul Star & Transpersonal Point?

Limiting teaching on Chakras show them as simply within us. But their energy actual protects out of our psychical some distance. Also, each Chakra is energetically connected allowing communication & the translation of an energetic frequency between each other Chakra.

The Soul Star Chakra is our core essence and an aspect of the Soul. Often drawn & shown above the head, it's actually located in the Auric field, near the heart chakra. The Soul Star is likened to a spiritual ‘umbilical cord’. It can become dull from our life experiences that remove us from our spiritual truth and life-path.

One reason why our Chakras are not able to fully function is because of disempowering (emotional and spiritual) issues.

The Soul Star allows the vision of the soul into our conscious mind. As our dreams and visions integrate within us, our entire energetic system starts to vibrate at a higher frequency allowing us to perceive our universal truth. Allowing us a stronger connection to spiritual consciousness and to our life path and soul's journey.

The Soul Star chakra is linked to wanting to feel and be aligned with ones own life path. Desiring transformational change within yourself, accelerating your spiritual growth to gain a better understanding of yourself, others and God. Seeing through illusion to gain illumination. Seeing the beauty in everything and everyone. Stepping into the light. Wanting to connect with your Higher Self.The human energy field has many layers. Within this field there are 7 major Chakras corresponding to our physical body and 3 metaphysical Chakras.

Each Chakra corresponds to various elements, organs, systems, senses, emotions and spiritual issues. Do you know about the 8th Chakra, also known as the Transpersonal Point?

The Transpersonal Point floats above the crown of the head with the vibrational colour of silvery platinum.

The Transpersonal Point or 8 Chakra acts as a filter and anchor to your chakra system. Anchoring and filtering the spiritual elements listed below to your throat, third eye and crown chakras. This allows the correct spiritual energy to flow into your chakras. These elements are housed within the Transpersonal point representing the trinity of the cosmic mind, creating the vibration of expression, karma and knowledge. They are: Akasa (knowledge), Ether (expression) and Fohat (creation).

These elements influence our perception of reality and are responsible for the flow and regulation of universal rays flowing into our conscious mind.

This chakra focus is the integration of self, acceptance of guidance, detachment. Needing to see situations symbolically, or the archetypal influences in your life. Needing to truly connect with the Divine. Trusting that your place in the Universe is perfect and that you are fulfilling your sacred contract here on Earth.

Now, I touched on our 8th Chakra, the Transpersonal Point. But have you heard of the Earth Star (Earth Charkra)? Located below our feet. The Earth Star is our anchoring point to the Earth. The Earth Star is made of four major quadrants: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each element supplies energy up into the body’s Chakra system.

Not only does it connect us to those energies, it anchors and aligns all of our Chakras from the first Chakra through to the eighth. It is essential the Earth Star be balanced; allowing the Earth energy to flow up through the Earth and down from the Heavens in a cyclical motion. The major function of the Earth Star is to secure the Aura in the physical dimension and keep us grounded.

Our Earth Star can be put out of alignment when we experience great trauma or shock like death, divorce, desertion, moving house and international travel. Any issue that involves great change. Therefore we need to be mindful Chakras need to be repaired and balanced from time-to-time to keep our energies aligned and at their optimum. There are various energy healing methods with this objective.

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