What is a soul contract?

A soul contract is an agreement with our soul and those who exist on a higher spiritual plane and govern the afterlife. Our personalised soul contract includes our spirit guides, our parents and family, friends and those who come into our life for long and short periods of time.

We carefully map out where we will be born and on what date. When we decide or we are told to reincarnate and come back to earth again (for the first time or the 1000th time) we make a soul contract a plan on what kind of experiences we wish to learn. Most importantly, all our experiences we have in this life; we need to understand why each experience is happening and what we are meant to learn from them, to deepen our souls knowledge. To enrich ourselves and our lives.

We know that our life is predestined, but not everything is set in concrete. Sudden changes can sometimes happen in our life soul contract for the better or sometimes sadly for the worse.

So what does our soul contract mean for us?

A soul contract means we agree to choose our family, friends and experiences here on earth. Those who govern the afterlife agree what we plan to do here on earth. What lessons we need to learn this time around. Not just learn but fully understand our lessons. You can change aspects of your soul contact. There are clauses and exit points in our soul contracts, but don’t forget that we are human we also have free will.

What's critical is the lessons we've agree to learn. They can't be avoided. Learn them quickly so patterns aren't repeated. And remember, no matter how hard it is to wrap your head around.....you agreed to all of this life!