Understanding Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are a special spiritual team that volunteers to be with us during our lifetime. Many have most likely been with us since birth. Additionally, some guides are new to us in this incarnation. And, a few guides have even been with us for centuries. Some are with us for one task while others for years. As we spiritually evolve our Spirit guides may change.

Can We See Spirit Our Guides?

Spirit guides are usually never seen with the physical eye with the exceptions of Pet Guides. However, there are rare instances when a person does see one or more of their spirit guides while awake or in the state between sleep and wakefulness. But mostly, their presence is sensed or seen with inner vision.

Are Our Spirit Guides Actually Angels?

Many people get these two categories mixed up. Spirit Guides and Angels are actually two separate group entities that exist to help mankind. The Angels serve God directly and will most often act as messengers from the Divine to humans. They often enlist the help of spirit guides for getting essential communications through to a particular person or group. Spirit Guides interact more directly with their human charges on a daily basis. They have volunteered their time and energy to assist those on earth. Unlike the Angels, Spirit Guides will reap the spiritual rewards of helping humans. The more their assigned individual grows spiritually, so does the guide.

At different stages of your life, a type of angel or spirit guide might be more active than others. In fact, one spiritual being might help you through a certain chapter of your life and disappear as another takes over to help you with the next chapter of your life. These guides all have one thing in common, though: They are here to help guide, protect and teach you as you go through the stages of life.