Psychometry, also known as Clairtangency, is a form of divination practiced since the time of the ancient Egyptians. It's the interpreting of the vibrations contained within in an object or place.

Almost anyone can do Psychometry. Whilst, it just takes some practice, don't be discouraged if nothing comes in right away. Most importantly, just stay with it and you’ll soon find that you’re becoming very proficient at doing Psychometry.

Significantly, numerous Psychics and Mediums use Psychometry at the beginning of their readings. Also, it’s a great way to make a connection with the Sitter, the person getting the reading

Steps for Psychometry

  1. Wash your hands.

  2. Set your intention and open up to Spirit.

  3. Take several deep breaths and clear your mind. Allow yourself to be relaxed and not tense.

  4. Rub your hands together to build the energy within your hands.

  5. Place a chosen object in the palm of your non dominant hand.

  6. Notice any pictures, words, or feelings that happen right away. These are called impressions.

  7. Be patient. If nothing comes at first, impressions will eventually start flowing in.

  8. Don't analysis what comes.

  9. Speak to the object, ask it questions as if you were talking to someone you are trying to get to know.....where are you from? Who owned you? What have you seen and experienced?

  10. If you still can’t seem to get anything, try again later or pick another object to work with.

  11. Try to get validation by asking more questions about what you received.

  12. If you have access to the person that provided the object, ask them if your impressions are correct.

  13. Finally, use a digital recorder, your phone voice memo or journal the session.

The more you practice Psychometry, the better you become at gathering accurate impressions.

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