Psychic Kids - Be careful what you wish for!

Updated: May 20, 2020

What about when it stops being entertaining ............ AND gets REAL!

I've often witness parents excitingly disclaiming their young child has been talking or playing with dearly departed “grandma". Whilst we all consider our children special with many labelled "gifted" for a multitude of reason, this is not one of those occasions. If this sounds like you sorry to bust your bubble. But this occurrence truly isn’t unique. Children are open to interrupting energies well before verbal understanding and communication skills are fully developed. Consider how a baby responds when a parent is tense, crying or being unsettled in response to the parents energy. Being open to energy creates the opportunity for children to connect with energy in our world and beyond.

Whilst, I acknowledge it can be exciting when your child exclaims "grandma is in the kitchen standing next to you". This ability is not uncommon. That being said, most children close down their connection in early childhood. Closing down the connection during their school years enables children to navigate our 3D world. To be present in this world to learn, develop friendships and social skills; and have all the normal experiences we want for our children. But for those children whose energy sensitivity remains childhood can be tough as they maneuver their way through schooling and beyond. It's not a walk in park for the rest of the family either. With frustration and fear occurring due to lack of understanding.

Why do some children stay open when others don’t?

There are many reasons why a child's connection may close down. Cultural, religious, social & family beliefs, as well as education can all impact. The purpose of the connection may also determine if and when someone close down i.e to provide validation a soul is eternal i.e grandma is still around, maybe it’s to guide someone on a path of discovery. Or maybe when your child is an adult they’ll use their abilities to enhance the lives of others. Whatever the case maybe, parenting a psychic child has fascists other parents don't encounter.

What happens when it stops being cute and starts impacting home and school?