Highly Sensitive Teens

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Being highly sensitive to others energy can make life challenging, picking up on peoples emotions and situations. Imagine, if you will, going through this with no understanding about what or why you're feeling. Now lets add an extra level of complexity of being a teenager going through puberty, maneuvering through high school, learning to work through peer relationships and also being a psychic or empathic. These years are tough for most so imagine the intensity for highly sensitive teens.

Being a psychic or empathic teenager adds to the normal teenager struggles. Not knowing why they feel or think what they do. Are the feelings their’s or someone else? Without the tools how do survive this period without thinking there's something wrong with them. Maybe they turn to destructive behaviours to block the feelings. Maybe anxiety presents or they withdraw. Possible, they're incorrectly diagnosed with mental illness then medicated.

Highly sensitive people have the unique ability to absorb other people’s emotions and energy. Which heightens when they’re at a social event, around coworkers/school mates or in crowds. To thrive they need to be around peace and love. But this is not always possible so they need to learn how to protect their energy from others.

The first step to assisting your teen is to ask detailed questions and listen with an open heart, no judgement or advice. Once you have got the full picture discern which of the following may suit the situation.

1. Move away from the source of the negativity. Distance of at least 6m and see if teen/you feel relief. Physical closeness will only increase the absorption of negative feelings.

2. Focus on breath. Concentrate on their/your breath for a 3-5 minutes. Focusing on their/your breath is centering and connects them/you back to “self”.

3. Set healthy limits and boundaries. Limit time spent with, listening to or hanging out with stressful or negative people. Avoid critical or mean people and conversations. It's ok to say "No" without an explanation on why time is being limited with these people.

4. Visualize protection. Visualization techniques involves imagining an bubble of white light surrounding the entire body, stretching out 1m including above the head and below the feet, protecting from negative energy. Or with extremely toxic people visualize a lion (or similar fierce animal) patrolling the sensitives energy field keeping away intruders.

* The bubble can be layered and the colours changed for different situations.

5. Practice meditation.

If encountering emotional or physical distress while in a group situation meditate for a few minutes. Find a quiet place, even a toilet stool will work. Spend 5 minutes of mindfulness - calm self. Focus on positivity and love.....and focused breathing. 💛

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