Difference between a PSYCHIC and MEDIUMSHIP READING

Updated: May 20, 2020

Do you know the difference between a PSYCHIC READING and MEDIUMSHIP READING?

Psychic readings focus on you, your energy. What has occurred in your past to get you where you are now, the energy around you currently and possible future, or all three.

A psychic uses their intuition to receive information about someone’s by reading a clients energy field, connecting with spirit guides, higher self or Universal Source. Tools may be used like oracle or tarot cards, runes, psychometry, astrology, numerology or other tools. Psychic reading may offer guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective or strategies for dealing with challenges.

A Mediumship reading re-connects with the clients loved ones in spirit and provides enough detailed "evidence to demonstrate" the medium has a link with those in spirit world. This may be done by spirit sharing what they have witnessed since their passing, stories or details from the passed one loves life or even things they know are happening now or coming for in the future for the client.......and often spirit offer their opinion on these current events.

Mediumship doesn’t involve predictions or analysis of one’s career, finances, or love life. The intention of mediumship is to let the client know that their deceased loves ones are still a part of their lives. Loved ones in spirit may offer messages of love, support and healing, or specific information understood only by the client.

There are specific outcomes of each reading service. Therefore. it's recommend to truly considering your desired outcome before booking any reading service. This in-conjunction with approaching your reading with an open heart, will ensure you have the best possible outcome.

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