Updated: May 20, 2020

Clairvoyance from the French meaning “clear seeing”. The practice of clairvoyance is not always as it appears in the movies. Whilst there are times when ghostly shadows appear. Often clairvoyants can be more than simply seeing a figure appear.

When communicating with spirit using clairvoyants other methods of clairvoyants may be utilized. Spirit may confirm where they lived by show an image. For example, picture someone standing in front of you ......sometimes very close, sometimes a little further away. Then that person quickly flashing, for less than a second, a photo of where they lived. This photo may be the view from their backyard, it may of the front of their house, it could even be their favourite room within the house. From this a medium must confirm where spirit lived. Describing what was shown in detail. Remembering most people live in more than 1 home in their lifetime.

Sometimes being a medium means that you must be very good at charades. Spirit may show the sport they enjoys, hobbies or work through displaying the action & movements involved. Once again, exceptional quick. This is because spirit no longer have to work with a heavy body meaning they are much quicker than when living.....From viewing this action a medium needs to confirm what spirit was communicating.

The ability of clairvoyants presents in many other ways but these are just a couple of examples of how clairvoyants can be experienced.

Try this exercise.... get an unseen abstract picture. Look at the picture for a few minutes only. Then fold it up. Describe it to a friend as they draw the picture based solely on your description. Ensuring your friend cannot see the picture. When finished compare both. Its a wonderful activity to test your verbal description abilities.

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