Chakra Shield Protection with EO's

Apply two drops of oil in the palm of your hands and rub particularly over the area just above and just below your belly button, these areas link right to your second and third chakra systems. Which govern our power, purpose, feeling and emotions.

  • Frankincense Is Associated With Purification

  • Peppermint Oil Is The Ultimate Freshener

  • Chamomile Oil Can Help Nourish The Spirit

  • Sage Oil To Cleanse A Space

  • Ylang Ylang For A Pick-Me-Up

  • Bergamot Can Help You Feel Grounded

  • Use Eucalyptus Oil To Wake Yourself Up

  • Lavender To Calm Down & Clear Bad Energy

  • Rosemary For Protection

If you have a situation that you find that came out of the blue, and knocked you a bit emotionally, or you are a sensitive being who tends to take on others energies unwillingly, then add an affirmation or intention.

With the affirmation of I NOW clean and clear out any unwanted energies that do not belong to me, I release any unwant