Basic Energetic Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting is a form of energetic protection. Through intention or guided visualization negative people and emotions are cleared from your life, as well as toxic situations and substances that you feel attached to or struggle to let go.

If your new to cord cutting start with saying the attached verse. Then do a quick karate chop over and across your solar plexus chakra, located above the belly button below the breastbone. Whilst hold the intention that all non-serving cords are removed visuals or ask for these cords to be removed, healed with love. Seeing the cord being dissolved. This exercise works as most non-serving cords tend to attach at and around the solar plexus from normal daily activities.

WARNING: As soon as you cut cords from someone, they are likely to try to get in touch with you. Be prepared to follow through with your plan for no contact.

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