Astral Projection

The concept of Astral Projection extends from the idea that every living organism consists of several layers of being that exist in parallel on different vibrational levels. The oldest evidence of humanity’s comprehension of the body’s plurality is found in records created by the priests of Ancient Egypt – dating back 3,000 to 5,000 years. Later, the same concept reemerged through various sacred scripts such as the Bible, the Kur’an, and Hindu and Shamanic scriptures.

Alongside this understanding of the multi-layered nature of existence, the question arose, ‘is it possible to separate different vibrational layers and detach from the physical body, in order to enter different dimensions?’ The term astral projection refers to intentionally detaching the astral body from the physical body resulting accessing different realms of existence. The lessons learned during astral travel remain stored in the memory and can be of great benefit to the practitioner if properly integrated upon their return to the physical realm.

Whilst every experience of astral projection is different and unique, all occur on the same astral plane, known as the 4th dimension. Through entering a higher vibrational dimension from the one where we live we have the opportunity to experience different realms, travel around the world effortlessly, meet other beings and gain a deeper understanding of existence. As our consciousness temporarily leaves our physical, we enter the realm where all senses are increased and magnified, manifestations occur instantly and the rules understand about time, space do not apply.

When astral projecting, people often get the chance to visit their past lives, meet deceased members of their family or friends, recall their purpose, meet their spirit guides and guardians and understand life after death. Astral projection is recognized because we remain completely aware during the process and remembering everything once we re-enter our physical.

There are various methods and techniques that enable the experience of astral projection. Below is the most popular, called “The Rope Technique” developed by Robert Bruce.

The Rope Technique

Note: It is best to try this method after a full night of sleep, when you are well-rested and not running the risk of falling asleep during the process. Find a dark, quiet and comfortable place that you are familiar with and follow the steps below:

  1. Set your intention before heading to the higher realms, in order to enrich your everyday life once you come back or progress on your spiritual journey.

  2. Relax your physical body, focusing on each of its parts, starting with the toes and slowly moving up to the crown of the head.

  3. Once fully relaxed, you need to enter a hypnotic or meditative state where your mind is at the edge of sleep and no further. You can attain that state through focused breathing and visualising, in detail, an object that you are familiar with.

  4. With your eyes still closed, move the sight from your chosen object and look around. Gaze into the darkness and stay open and aware of the images that emerge.

  5. Tune into the subtle vibrations and acknowledge your astral body rising slowly above your physical body.

  6. Focus on those vibrations and try to control them with your mind using your willpower. Notice that you have the power to control the frequency of the waves as well as stopping and starting them. Once this step is mastered, proceed to the next one.

  7. Imagine a rope hanging right above you. Without opening your eyes or moving your physical body, visualise your astral body reaching for the rope and grabbing it. Start pulling yourself up, leaving the physical body behind, still and deeply relaxed. Allow 30-60 minutes.

  8. Right before fully detaching from your physical body you may feel your body starting to shake and then experience what is known as “THE POP”. This is the instance in which your astral body leaves your physical body and you can start your journey through the astral plane.

  9. It is not uncommon to get hazy and confused but try to stay lucid and awake during your travel and set the intention to remember everything when you come back.

  10. Explore this beautiful experience to the fullest. Travel, fly and visit places you are less familiar with, ask questions you want answers to, manifest whatever your heart desires.

  11. RETURNING If you are more grounded and not so deeply immersed in the astral realm, it is as easy as opening the eyes of your physical body and becoming aware of your surroundings in the 3D plane.

  12. Otherwise, as your astral body is connected to your physical body by a silver cord, you can simply follow the cord to your body then merge back. Connect back with your breathe before opening your eyes. Don't be too quick to get up. Slowing move your fingers and toes and when you feel ready sit up.

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