I'd Like To Thank  You 

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Thank You for listening to the podcast. I love sharing my journey and hope that it resonated in someway. Maybe it was just a word, a story or situation. Whatever connected to your soul, I know it was Divinely guided. Spirit works in mysterious ways and you were meant to hear this podcast. 

To show my appreciation for your support below you'll find gifts. 

Whether you connection to Spirit or your own Soul on a deeper level, something shifts within you when there is clarity. 


Bronwyn Jane is an empowering and grounded Psychic Medium & Holistic Coach who compassionately shows people with open hearts how to develop their gifts through authentic connections to Spirit. 

Bronwyn is a working psychic medium and healer who teachers from experienced and integrated knowledge. 

Bronwyn has studied with world renowned Psychic Mediums like Lisa Williams, Graham Smith and Tony Stockwell, as well as some exceptional Australian Metaphysical educators. In conjunction with being an internationally Certified Psychic, Medium and Healer (LWISSD), Bronwyn is also certified in parapsychology and advance metaphysics. As well as being a certified holistic counsellor, life coach and meditation teacher. She also has completed formal studies in forensic mediumship, paranormal investigation and psychic detection investigation, and has diploma's in channelling and akashic records.

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6 Steps To Find Your Sparkle

Download my cheat sheet containing 6 Step for Finding Your Sparkle

 Embracing  Psychic Children Webinar
Take Your Spiritual Journey Further

In this course you will get:

  • 8 Modules of Course Content

  • 20+ Video Tutorials

  • 5 Meditations

  • Workbooks

  • Exercises

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Coaching not included for the discounted price. If coaching is desired please click here


This self-led program normally RRP $395 AUD. For listeners Bronwyn is offering it for $150AUD

Coaching not included for the discounted price. If coaching is desired please click here