Strengthen Your Connection With The Spirit. 

Understand How To Communicate With The Spirit!


Mediums, shared knowledge is within reach!

In 2020 the Psychic Medium College was founded for mediums like you.


I want you to understand how to communicate with the spirit clearly.


…Not just a feeling or intuitive understanding, but a crisp image of exactly who you’re with.


It's that clarity of sight and ability to communicate without obstacles that will allow you to manifest your true power. Spirit communicates in signs and symbols. They have their system of emojis. By understanding spirit language a channel of communication can be opened with the spirit world.

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And learn the practical techniques you need to uncover spirit communication.


Chapter 1:  Coins

                   Why coins are used by Spirit

                   How to Understand the message

                   Message meanings

Chapter 2: Music and Conversations

                   Why Spirit uses the vibration of sound

                   How Music is used by Spirit

                   Working with a conversation to connect

Chapter 3: Dreams and Visits

                   Visits from Spirit

                   Visits from Loved Ones

                   Visits from Spirit Guides

Chapter 4: Toddlers and Young Children 

                   Why they are open to Spirit

                   How their frequency allows them to connect

                   Why Spirit loves working with children

Chapter 5: Common Signs

                   Animals, insects, and feather

                   Spirit smells

                   Spirit connecting with pets                 



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