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Connecting  To Spirit

Spirit communicates in signs and symbols. They have their own system of emojis. By understanding spirit language a channel of communication can be opened with the spirit world.

My eBook 5 Simply Ways to Connecting to Spirit covers

Chapter 1:  Coins

                   Why coins are used by Spirit

                   How to Understand the message

                   Message meanings

Chapter 2: Music and Conversations

                   Why Spirit uses the vibration of sound

                   How Music is used by Spirit

                   Working with conversation to connect

Chapter 3: Dreams and Visits

                   Visits from Spirit

                   Visits from Loved Ones

                   Visits from Spirit Guides

Chapter 4: Toddlers and Young Children 

                   Why they are opened to Spirit

                   How their frequency allows them to connect

                   Why Spirit loves working with children

Chapter 5: Common Signs

                   Animals, insects and feather

                   Spirit smells

                   Spirit connecting with pets                 


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