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Eternal Soul Mediumship Course

The Eternal Soul

Experience Profound Mediumship Growth that Leads to Lifechanging Spiritual Connections!

Are you ready to challenge your natural intuitive gifts like never before? With the Eternal Soul Advanced Mediumship course, you can dramatically expedite your journey as you discover how to deeply connect and latch on to the guidance of Spirit for an energetic connection unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

You’ve Got the Gift, But How Will You Use It? 


Chances are, that you have already accepted that you are psychic to some degree, with the ability to connect to and interpret the messages of Spirit. Of course, each and every one of us has this ability.


But what makes you different, what makes you special? Is that you understand the immense value in not only accepting this gift, but embracing it.


You see, ignoring your innate gifts and abilities would be like putting one of the most fascinating – not to mention crucial - pieces of your spiritual machinery on a shelf, never to be picked up and used again.


And yet, despite this… so many amongst us choose to do this because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of being unhappy with what they may discover along the way.


However, the truth of the matter is that the path to fulfillment and true happiness is BEST travelled with the guidance of Spirit, whose wisdom and encouragement makes the journey less winding and more worthwhile.


If you’re ready to expedite your journey to get where you ultimately want to go sooner rather than later, then…


It’s Time to Take the Training Wheels Off 


Perhaps, you’ve experienced Spirit on your own. You’ve felt their presence and have even been able to piece together the big picture behind their message for you.


Maybe you’ve even had success in discerning meaning from multiple encounters and have used the wisdom to make big life decisions!


However, if you’re struggling to consistently call Spirit forward and confidently interpret their message (no matter how big or small it may be) on a regular basis, then you must be willing to address the elephant in the room…


It’s time to do the work necessary to level up your abilities.


The good news? Doing the work is probably a lot easier and more enjoyable than you may be thinking…


In fact, if you’re ready to gain crystal clear clarity on the WHO, WHY, and WHAT behind Spirit’s visits and messages… then the Eternal Soul Advanced Mediumship course by internationally certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach Bronwyn Jane is designed specifically for you!

About the Course

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Online - 9 Modules

     Self Paced

 Video Tutorials +

 Guided Meditations

Exercises + Content 

 LIVE Coaching Call

    Tips & Hacks

 Certificate of    Completion

Minimum Requirements

  • You must have already completed previous studies such as psychic development, psychic or mediumship readings, oracle card readings, angel readings, reiki, tarot, crystal healing, and psychic and mediumship circle.

  • You must be willing to connect to the Spirit world.

  • You must be committed to doing the practise in your own time, at your own pace.




Mediumship is the practice of communication between spirits of the living and departed. It's a soul-to-soul connection using the language of energy and love.

Enhance your LIGHT as you become confident in your abilities and gifts.

Topics Covered:

  • History of mediumship

  • How mediumship works

  • Types of mediumship

  • Different styles of mediums

  • Ethics for mediums

  • Understanding grief

  • Do's and Don'ts 

  • Being the messenger



Hit the ground running as you acknowledge the physical signs your psychic clairs are activated. Develop daily practices to enhance your communication with Spirit whilst collecting tips to build trust in your connection.

Step-by-step process on opening, connecting, closing, and grounding.

Topics Covered:

  • Psychic sensors & activations

  • Accessing spirit information

  • How spirit connects works

  • Understanding where to access the spirit world for mediumship

  • Opening, closing & grounding

  • Getting evidence

  • Pitfalls for mediums

  • Unique Soul -2- Soul connections

Young woman with grandmother


Psychic is connecting with the living. Mediumship is communing with the other world. These energies are interrupted differently and feel completely separate.


Perceived not received

Topics Covered:

  • Identify mediumship energy

  • Communicating with Spirit of difficult faith or language

  • Working with multiple spirits

  • Facts about the afterlife

  • Removing blocks with clients

  • Universal time & Spirit frequency

  • Understand Spirit language

  • Exercises to rocket abilities

  • Life lessons for Mediums

Pocket Watch


Unlock the skills of psychometry to use extrasensory perception drawing Spirit close whilst learning how to work with Divine - Source energy.


Recognize the sensations associated with this energy stream as you step into your power.

Topics Covered:

  • Tools for development

  • Mediumship scrying

  • Allowing Spirit energy to flow

  • Enhance abilities

  • How you hinder the connection

  • Never miss Spirit evidence again

  • Understanding Spirit Law

  • Going deep with Spirit  

Love for Grandchild


Your body is the tool for connection.  Feeling such things as emotions, thoughts, pain, and sensations. As you connect with Spirit, access the story of their physical including health ailments and how they passed.

Topics Covered:

  • Limitations of mediumship

  • Intuitive channeling

  • Spirit emotions

  • Phases of transition

  • Finding the cause of passing

  • Understanding your barometer

  • Blending with spirit

  • Common spirit symbols

  • Getting profound messages

  • Seeing Spirit


Large Family


Our lives are multifaceted. We're more than a name, body shape & hair colour.  Allow mediumship to showcase a personality, memories & essence of a soul.

Topics Covered:

  • Difference between Spirit, Soul, and Higher Self

  • Building a rapport with Spirit

  • Unlocking Spirit personality

  • Working with Spirit's memories

  • Discovering the details of Spirit

  • Finding a specific Spirit

  • Holding & dropping Spirit

  • Finding your expertise

  • Having a conversational delivery

  • How to strengthen a Spirit link

Happy Family Portrait


Not every family is functional. Not everyone gets along. Using your gift unlocks the skills to determine the story of relationships quickly and accurately.

Topics Covered:

  • How to find the relationship type

  • Identify gender

  • Sexuality in mediumship

  • Sensitive connections with babies, toddlers & children

  • Unexpected connections like neighbours & work colleagues

  • Pet communications

  • Managing unclaimed Spirits

  • Working with groups of Spirits

  • Finding the BAM moment

  • Dysfunctional relationships

  • Piggybacking Spirits

Man with Book


Through evidential connections and ethical mediumship, legitimacy builds within the industry. Learn how to seek from Spirit information that isn't on Facebook and cannot be Googled.

Topics Covered:

  • Steps to control communication

  • Delivery of & closing off a message

  • Sitter experience enhancement

  • Getting that "How did they know that"

  • Getting the most out of Spirit

  • How to phrase Spirit communication.

  • Getting names & dates

  • Understanding age in the Spirit world

  • Expanding Spirit communication authentically.

Burst of Light


Mental mediumship is "tuning in" to the spirit world by listening, sensing, or seeing spirits or symbols. We know it as using psychic clairs. These are used to tell a story of connection.

Topics Covered:

  • Sitting in the power of Spirit

  • Removing blocks

  • Vibrational hacks

  • Reading process

  • Reading format

  • Best practises

  • Closing after a connection

  • Professional code of ethics

  • How to deliver a combination reading of psychic mediumship

  • Advance protection protocols

  • Why self-care is critical

  • Understanding expectations

Meet Bronwyn 

Compare Course  Options

Option A
Mediumship Practitioner Certificate
Course Code: ESOPT2
Course Content & Group Coaching


  • 8 Week Course

  • Written Content

  • 9.5hrs Tutorial Video's

  • 8 Meditations

  • 4 Downloadable Handouts

  • Audio Tutorials

  • Exercises 

  • Practice with group Q & A

  • Access to Facebook Group for continued education

  • 4 x 60-90 min Group Zoom Calls

            ( Group session will be extended 90min for larger groups)

  • Certificate of Completion 

            Subject to engagement & attendance in coaching calls.


Qualification: Certificate of Achievement Eternal Soul Mediumship Practitioner (ESM Prac)


Recognition: Graduates of the Psychic Medium College (PMC) 

Graduates will receive the Psychic Medium College Practitioner Completion Certificate

Course Value

Group Coaching valued at $1125

Course Content valued at $2375

Certificate at $100

Total course valued at $3600



Option B
Professional Mediumship Practitioner Certification
Course Code: ESOPT3
Course Content & Private Mentoring


  • 18 Week Course

  • Written Content

  • 9.5hrs Tutorial Video's

  • 8 Meditations

  • 4 Downloadable Handouts

  • Audio Tutorials

  • Exercises

  • Homework with feedback

  • Practice with In-depth coaching

  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing support & education

  • 8 x 60 min Personal Zoom Coaching

  • 1 x 60 min Business Coaching (optional)

  • Identify & develop your niche reading style

  • Hone your specialty (loved ones/animal etc)

  • Alumni student community

  • 1-on-1 Personal Mentoring for up to 12 readings

  • Recordings of Coaching Calls

  • Support between coaching sessions

  • Mediumship Readiness Assessment

  • Certified as a Professional Mediumship Reader

Qualification: Professional Eternal Soul Medium Practitioner Certification (ESM Prac. Prof. Med)


Recognition: Graduates are recognized as advanced alumni students by the Psychic Medium College (PMC)As such may be invited to collaborate with the college professionally in the future. 

Graduates will receive the Psychic Medium College Professional Practitioner Certification and are entitled to use the letters ‘ESM Prac. (Prof. Med).’

Course Value

Private Mentoring valued at $4850

Course Content valued at $2375

Certificate & niche tutoring valued at $900


Total course valued at $8125





Bronwyn Jane is committed to your success and transformation. You can take this course for 30 days to complete module 1. If you have supported your learning by completing the exercises and actively participating asking questions, and don't feel the course has met expectations, Bronwyn will happily refund 100% of the tuition paid, no questions asked.



When does the course start?
You will have access to the course within 1 business day to enable you to get a jump start on your learning. Group coaching runs over 4 fortnightly sessions in blocks commencing the first week of the month. Refer below to the zoom coaching calls for details on mentoring coaching.

Sign-up TODAY and join our coaching calls to unlock your full potential.


Intake 1: Feb - March

Intake 2: April - May

Intake 3: June - July

Intake 4: Sept - Oct

Intake 5: Nov - Dec

Zoom Calls 

Group coaching calls are fortnightly on Tuesdays 7 pm (Sydney, Australia). Your package includes an invitation to 4 coaching calls. To get the most out of your learning experience we recommend attending group coaching. If you are unable to attend coaching a recording of the coaching call will be available within 1 business day to watch the replay. Any calls not attended are included in your 4 allotted calls.


Bronwyn will coordinate your and her diary when scheduling coaching.  Your call will be on the same day & time each fortnight. The start date for coaching is flexible subject to the agreed date. 

International Mentoring Students

Your 1-2-1 zoom coaching call will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and which aligns with both you and Bronwyn.

What is my time commitment?

You will need to commit 2-3 hours per fortnight to complete the online content. Additional time is recommended for practicing your new skills and completing the exercises. As with any course the more you put into your development the more you will get out of the course. Group coaching is a 60-90 minute commitment per fortnight. 

I am a mentoring student, can I pause the course if needed?

You may pause coaching under exceptional circumstances. This does not include NOT completed homework.  Your coaching slot cannot be guaranteed meaning on the resumption of coaching you may undertake coaching on a different day or time.

What if I don't finish the course in 9-18 weeks?
It is recommended a module be completed every 1-2 weeks. We understand life happens therefore you have 12 months' access to the course so you can take your time! No rush at all. Focus on a module until you are ready to move to the next. Work at the speed that is perfect for you. That being said, coaching calls follow an 8-week schedule meaning the calls may discuss content prior to you completing it.

I'm a beginner, is this course right for me?
This course suits those who have undertaken some intuition, psychic, healing or mediumship development prior, or have a strong awareness of how spirit works, or who want a refresher or new perspective on mediumship and connection to the spirit world. If you are a complete beginner to the spirit world please speak to Bronwyn so she can be sure this course is right for you.  

For someone new to mediumship, it is an excellent starting point to build from, a process that will fast-forward growth. For people who have dabbled in mediumship, it provides the important tools they need to advance to where they want to be. The LIVE calls create opportunities to be stretched, therefore enhancing your connection.

What is covered in this course?

This in-depth mediumship development course covers everything you need to know for evidential mediumship over 8 detailed modules. View course content 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, click here to view the payment options and course fees

Are there any discounts on this course?

There are 3 ways to save with us.

  • Refer a friend, to a course or reading services to receive a $100 discount on a course.

  • Package offer for those people who wish to complete more than one course.

  • People who have completed previous studies with us qualify for the Alumni discount on further study. 

I want Option B but it says "closed", what do I do?

Email us to join the waitlist. Once the current cohort has completed the course we'll accept new enrolments. Those on the waitlist will be offered the first option.

Facebook Group 

The Facebook group is for all Bronwyn's students including her psychic, reading, mediumship, and healing students. This group is for students to connect with each other, ask and answer questions, sharing knowledge and experiences. 

Can someone really open up their mediumship abilities through this course?
Yes, yes you can. Bronwyn has meticulously developed this course to fast-forward mediumship. Bronwyn shares her years of metaphysical knowledge and experience in this course and its formatted in such a way as to move you forward, faster. Unlike many other mediumship development courses, Bronwyn requires you to unlock the blocks that are holding you back. It explains energy in depth so you can conceptualize what it is you are actually doing. And it provides the tools needed to use your own unique style of mediumship. This is not a cookie-cutter program because you also have the opportunity to access individual LIVE support. This package is geared to raise your energy and hone your own unique individual abilities. With your hard work and focus, anything is possible.

What device do I need for this course?

We recommend completing this course with a computer, laptop, or iPad. Whilst the course can be completed on your mobile phone the experience is impacted by the mobile version. Downloads are in PDF. Coaching calls are conducted on zoom.

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have 12 months of access to this course - across any and all devices you own.

What if I don't want to become a professional medium?
Almost 90% of people who undertake Bronwyn’s courses do so simply to improve their personal mediumship and connection to spirit. Many do not wish to become a professional medium.

What if I want additional support?

This program offers online support via zoom. But if you require in-person support then Bronwyn recommends booking a 1-on-1 session. During these sessions, we can delve deep into specific areas of focus. ​

Bronwyn Jane photo

Your Coach

Meet Bronwyn Jane, an empowering Psychic Medium & Spiritual Coach who can guide you on this transformative journey.

As a working psychic medium and spiritual coach, Bronwyn draws from her extensive training and experience to offer you an authentic connection to Spirit. She has studied with world-renowned Psychic Mediums and Metaphysical educators, honing her skills to become an internationally Certified Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Healer.

Bronwyn's passion for helping others extends beyond her psychic abilities. She is also a certified holistic counselor, life coach, and meditation teacher. Her formal studies in forensic mediumship, paranormal investigation, and psychic detection investigation have given her a unique perspective on the power of the mind and spirit.

With Bronwyn as your guide, you can unlock your true potential and discover a deeper connection to the spiritual world. Let her compassionate and grounded approach show you the way. Open your heart and step into the transformative journey that awaits.


Previous Student Reviews

I enrolled in Bronwyn’s Eternal Soul mediumship development course with the personal coaching option. What an amazing opportunity for my development that turned out to be! This course contains 8 modules that are organised in sequence from the basic concepts and techniques to more demanding skills. Each module builds on the previous one incrementally to make your mediumship readings more meaningful for the sitter. Bronwyn uses a range of media within each module to convey the information, including written text, images and diagrams to illustrate concepts, audio files of instructions and meditations, and videos to see her explaining concepts and techniques to you. She includes relevant exercises to help you practice the skills. You also get membership of the Facebook student group where you can exchange ideas and seek partners to swap readings. I met some really nice people through that group.

I especially looked forward to the personal coaching with Bronwyn after I completed each model. During the coaching session, Bronwyn would give me detailed feedback on my mediumship readings that I had recorded on Zoom and submitted to her. She also answered all sorts of questions I had about the content in the modules, and anything else that came up for me. I highly recommend Bronwyn and her courses for anyone wishing to improve their mediumship skills. I have learnt so much about practicing mediumship and about myself as a budding medium. 

Bronwyn is an authentic, practicing medium with real world experience. She is a warm person with great energy, a good sense of humour, and a sincere commitment to Spirit. 

Go on. Enrol. You won’t regret it.

Victoria Neville

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