Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I truly want to support you and your child. I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and alone in this situation. 


Just in case you don't know much me, I'm an empowering and grounded Psychic Medium & Soul Coach who compassionately shows people with open hearts how to develop their gifts through authentic connections to Spirit.

I've has studied with world renowned Psychic Mediums Tony Stockwell, Gordon Smith and Lisa Williams, as well as some exceptional Australian Metaphysical educators. In conjunction with being a certified psychic, medium and healer, I'm also certified in parapsychology and advance metaphysics. As well as a certified holistic counsellor, life coach and meditation teacher.


Lastly, I'm a devoted mother of a gifted psychic medium & star child, who incarnated in this lifetime to teach me so I in-turn can teach others.

From Bronwyn

We are surrounded by children whom seem to be much more aware in both mind & spirit. They know things that aren’t of a child like quality. For some, heighten senses make their behaviour appears irrational and reactive.  These children work with the full intensity of emotions. Connecting to their intuition and ancient knowledge. Often misunderstood by outdated thinking, these children are labelled with ‘behaviour’, ‘learning’ problems and can often be diagnosed as a disorder.


Raising a child with psychic abilities adds a layer of complexity to parenting which has required an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a respectful acceptance that we can't see, hear or feel all that exists in the Universe. After all, we can't hear the dog whistle but we don't doubt the response of a dog. We can't see electricity pulsating in a power-point but we trust that its there. Animals run and birds fly away well before we hear the thunder.........need I go on?  

As your child gets older, they become influenced by community, family and peers causing confusion about what they are experiencing. Experiences and environments they once were unaffected by now paralyse them. Knowing they are different; these children may withdraw and have difficulty maintaining friendships with peers. They may be drawn to nature and animals and seek the company of the very younger or older people.

As parents of psychic kids, we need to be able to support and nurture our special child. The most effect way to do this is through understanding. The best way to understand is to awaken your “sixth sense”. Learn how energy works, how spirit communicates and the boundaries we must use to ensure the unseen world and our world co-exists in harmony.


Through boarding your understanding you will confidently be able to support your psychic and gifted child. as well as, open up your world unlike your thought possible.