At the Psychic Mediumship College learning is the journey.


We provide credible online courses and personal coaching with ethics and integrity for people who want to develop their intuition, psychic skills, and mediumship abilities in practical, and relatable ways.  

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Does this sound like you?

  • Are you looking to learn how to develop your intuition, psychic abilities or mediumship gifts?


  • Looking for spiritual education which is easy to understand and integrate without all the WOO-WOO?

  • Do you need flexibility with your learning schedule?

  • Are you seeking an online learning experience with the option of ongoing interactive support?

  • Do you want an education that is backed by some of the industry's highest international credentials and training?


  • Do you feel alone in your spiritual journey and are looking for like-minded people to support you?

  • Are you struggling to understand what you experience and how to use it for yourself or others?

  • You want to read for other people and seek high-quality education that will fast-track your abilities to an exceptional professional standard.

  • Do you want to meditate but struggle to relax and embrace meditation?

  • You have a psychic child and need support.


  • You want a more peaceful and purposeful life but aren't sure how to get it.

If you answered YES to any of the above you're in the correct place. The Psychic Mediumship College is a sacred space where trust, honesty, authenticity, and integrity are the core of our values. Bronwyn Jane honours the trust bestowed on a spiritual teacher and believes ethical spiritual development should be available to everyone who is guided to learn. Hence, on this website, you can access free meditations, educational articles, courses, and coaching.


At the Psychic Mediumship College (PMC), we support your growth and share knowledge in a nurturing, empowering, and informative educational style.  As an experienced and qualified educator, Bronwyn Jane will guide your education ensuring you develop abilities to your potential in a safe and supportive environment. With over 15 years of development experience, Bronwyn is equipped with the expertise to identify which development styles will generate results.


Rest assured you are not a number at PMC because your growth and learning success is our priority.


Online Learning     & Self-Paced

Online Learning, Interactive & Self-Paced

World-Wide     Access      


   Qualified Educator with International Credentials  

Qualified Educator with International Credentials  

Your Success Is     Our Focus                 

Your Success Is Our Focus                 

On-Going Support             

On-Going Support by Qualified Professionals             


Our programs and courses have been developed drawing on extensive international training by international world leaders and practical experience, as Bronwyn provides over 400 readings annually. 


Join students from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Unit Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Lebanon, the UK, and the USA who have completed our online courses, enjoy meditations, and benefited from mentoring and coaching by Bronwyn Jane.

On-Demand Learning

Landscape with lake


Kickstart your journey by finding yourself through healing, and releasing stress and anxiety. 

Meditating on hillside

Personal Growth 

Become the best version of you, reset and go within during this highly personalized approach to holistic growth, healing, and soul connection.


Create the life you desire as you find your way back to your soul.

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Develop your connection with Spirit whilst working with Oracle cards.

Practical course on how to connect with Spirit reading Oracle cards. Discover different card spreads, tips and prompts for confidential card reading. 

Certificate & Certification Courses

Level 1 -

INTUITION AMPLIFIED COURSE provides the foundation knowledge of the psychic world, working with psychic energy and the spirit world. This course suits beginners or intermediates who have gaps in their knowledge.



8 In-Depth Modules

Level 1

Unlock your inner wisdom as you understand psychic energy, and increase & use your abilities in this in-depth interactive psychic development course.

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Certificate Course

Level 2

Take your connection with Spirit to the next level. Step into your power by learning how to provide ethical psychic readings for yourself, friends, or professionally without using tools. 



Advance Certification Course

Level 3

Explore and expand your connection with the Spirit world and passed loved ones in this practical online interactive in-deep extensive mediumship course. Learn how to bridge the worlds.

Coaching & Psychic Children

Healing Stones


Tailored Private Sessions


Customized coaching to meet the needs of your spiritual growth or fill in the gaps in your previous development.

In-person or zoom sessions, designed specifically for you.

Tire Swing


10 Part Video Series

Is My Child Psychic?

How to identify the three archetypes of psychic children.  What to expect at each stage of development and how to manage challenges.

Psychical & psychology awareness.

Laying on Grass


Personal Guidance & Support


Parenting a psychic child or teenager has unique challenges. Looking for a way forward but having difficulties finding someone who has the experience to help? Let's explore how Bronwyn Jane can help.

Course Package

Not sure which course to do? Want to complete all 3 certificate courses....

If this sounds like you then our course package is perfect for you. 
Sign-up today for our 3 most popular courses.

Take one step at a time & enjoy the journey - it's more magical than you know.

Intuition Amplified

Intuit Psychic 

The Eternal Soul


All Content + Group Coaching 

Valued at $3585

Course Code: CPOPT1


(This package does not include 1-2-1 mentoring or reading readiness assessment)


 $197 x 8 Fortnightly Payments 

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Access to courses is granted once payment & account are confirmed.

Our Values


We display open, honest, transparent communication

We seek to learn and grow 

We value everyone's voice and experiences

We do not judge someone’s journey

We are a community who do what we say

We believe uniqueness is normal

We acknowledge that energy does not begin or end

We acknowledge we are responsible for our life and future

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Previous Student Testimonials

I highly recommend doing Bronwyn’s psychic intuition courses. I have just completed both the Intuit Psychic and Intuition Amplified courses and loved every moment! I was unaware I had any intuitive abilities before I enrolled.


The courses were really well structured, and the support provided by Bronwyn was outstanding. I now understand so much more, and utilise my abilities on a daily basis.

Michelle Ager