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Healing Stones

Personal Spiritual Coaching

  • Are you in a development circle but your abilities aren't improving?

  •  Have you been part of group classes & now it's time for personal tutoring to rocket your abilities.

  • Does your learning style suit 1-2-1 education?

  • Do you need more trust in your abilities?

  • Are you wanting to take your skills or knowledge to the next level?

  • Are you seeking a mentor who is focused on your objectives and success?


The journey towards understanding what lies beyond our physical senses doesn't necessarily lead everyone to become a professional psychic or medium. For some, personal growth and enlightenment are the main goals of my mentoring program. My aim is to help you feel more comfortable with your unique abilities and guide you towards a clear path for your next steps.

Mentoring sessions are unique and designed for you based on your previous knowledge, and your objectives. 
Areas of focus can include:
1) Evaluation of your individual psychic sense and abilities
2) Learn how to connect to spirit guides, angels, and loved ones
3) Metaphysical knowledge of different spirit realms (where, what, why & how)
3) Different methods of energetic protecting
4) Skills to enhance your connection and abilities
5) Specific methods for grounding and meditation
6) Holistic energetic awareness and maintenance
7) Removing your fears and blocks
8) Professional standards, ethics, and industry knowledge
9) "How to" of running a professional reading or healing business
10) Self-led activities specifically designed for you to be completed after our session
11) Intuit coaching to aid in how to move forward in alignment with your objectives

12) Holistic spiritual coaching focusing on beliefs, abundance, & boundaries to enable you to achieve your goals. 

13) Practical skill required to establish and run a spiritual business (website, marketing, sales, legal etc)


Bronwyn Jane is an internationally certified Psychic and Medium by LWISSD and Lisa Williams.  Bronwyn is recognized as ethical, authentic, and compassionate. 


Meet Bronwyn as she explains the service 

The cancellation & refund policy applies to this service.


We can't cover everything in one session. Therefore mentoring is designed to be built upon over time. Whilst booked as single appointments, it's recommended to attend mentoring once a month to expand your knowledge. 



Duration:   3 x 90mins

Where:      Zoom (weekdays)

Exchange: $750 AUD


Got questions? Book a 15min call with Bronwyn to discuss how Bronwyn's mentoring will evaluate your abilities.

Ready to start? Complete your payment then email to schedule your session.

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