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Healing Stones

Spiritual Mentoring

  • Are you in a development circle but your abilities aren't improving?

  •  Have you been part of group classes & now it's time for personal tutoring to rocket your abilities?

  • Does your learning style suit 1-2-1 education?

  • Do you need more trust in your abilities?

  • Are you wanting to take your skills or knowledge to the next level?

  • Are you seeking a mentor who is focused on your objectives and success?



Embark on a transformative voyage to explore the depths beyond our physical senses, where not everyone is destined to become a professional psychic or medium. Instead, within my mentoring program, the primary focus is personal growth and enlightenment. Bronwyn Jane is dedicated to fostering your sense of ease with your distinct capabilities, paving a well-defined path towards your next significant strides.

Mentoring sessions are unique and designed specifically for you based on previous knowledge, and your objectives. 


Select one or more from the areas of focus:
1) Angels and angel numbers
2) Spirit guides
3) Chakra's (including balancing, alignment)
3) Protection and ritauls
4) Skills to enhance your connection and abilities
5) Learn how to meditate 
6) Energetic awareness and maintenance
7) Removing your fears and blocks

8) Professional standards, ethics, and industry knowledge
9) Support for parents of psychic kids
10) Professional Oracle card reading
11) Manifesting, gratitude, and abundance

12) Holistic and spiritual life coaching

13) Practical business skills for psychics and healers

14) Platform mediumship and demonstrating psychic readings (live & virtual)

15) Psychic detection skills

16) Channeling

17) Medical intuitive skills

18) Healing techniques & practices

19) Understanding the afterlife

20) Soul contracts and past lives

21) Numerology

22) Aura reading

23) Pet readings

24) Soul readings

25) Working with crystals and crystal grids

Differing from the traditional courses available at the Psychic Mediumship College, our mentoring program distinguishes itself in several key ways. It does not provide self-study materials or grant certificates in recognition of completion. Instead, our curriculum is tailored precisely to your individual requirements. It's important to note that most subjects demand multiple sessions to ensure comprehensive coverage and a deep understanding. Your growth and development are our foremost priorities.

To learn about our psychic or mediumship certification courses click on the links:


Why Opt for Bronwyn?

When it comes to your psychic and mediumship journey, choosing Bronwyn Jane is a decision rooted in excellence and trust. Here's why:

  1. International Certification: Bronwyn Jane holds prestigious international certifications as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer, accredited by LWISSD and Lisa Williams. These certifications reflect her dedication to honing her craft and ensuring she meets the highest standards in the field.

  2. Ethical Practices: Bronwyn is known for her unwavering commitment to ethical conduct. She approaches her work with the utmost integrity, ensuring that your experience is grounded in honesty, transparency, and respect.

  3. Authenticity: Authenticity is the cornerstone of Bronwyn's practice. She brings her genuine self to every session, creating a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your abilities and seek guidance.

  4. Compassionate Guidance: Bronwyn's compassionate nature shines through in her work. She understands the challenges and uncertainties that can arise on your spiritual journey, and she is here to provide the empathetic support and guidance you need.

Choose Bronwyn Jane for an empowering and enriching experience on your path to self-discovery and enlightenment.

Meet Bronwyn as she explains the service 



There is a select number of students Bronwyn personally mentors each year. To be considered please complete the attached form and email. Then book a call with Bronwyn to discuss your learning objectives. 

Duration:   5 x 60mins (weekly or fortnightly)

                   1 x 30mins follow-up call

Where:      Zoom (Monday- Friday)

Exchange: $2388 AUD

Payment plans are available on request 5 x $495 (weekly or fortnightly payments).

Bronwyn is an experienced educator and understands what is required to ensure a successful learning experience. You will not achieve your development goals in a single session therefore one-off sessions are not available.

Start Your Journey Now 

  1. Email your completed application form to us

  2. Then book a 15-minute call with Bronwyn to discuss how Bronwyn's mentoring will evaluate your abilities.

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