The Eternal Soul


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This program is designed for those people who have already completed previous psychic or mediumship development and are looking expand their knowledge. Over the next 8 modules you'll connect through audio and video tutorials as Bronwyn Jane guides you through exercises to expand your connection with Spirit.

Bronwyn is here to support you but remember you get out of this course what you put into it.



Mediumship is the practice of  communication between spirits of the living and departed. It's a soul to soul connection using the language of energy and love.

Enhance your LIGHT as you become confident in your abilities and gifts.

Topics Covered:

  • History of mediumship

  • How mediumship works

  • Types of mediumship

  • Different styles of mediums

  • Ethics for mediums

  • Understanding grief

  • Do's and Don'ts 

  • Being the messenger



Hit the ground running as you acknowledge the physical signs your psychic clairs are activated. Develop daily practices to enhance your communication with Spirit whilst collecting tips to build trust in your connection.

Step-by-step process on opening, connecting, closing and grounding.

Topics Covered:

Pocket Watch


Unlock the skills of psychometry to use extrasensory perception drawing Spirit close. Whilst learning how to work with Divine - Source energy.


Recognize the sensations associated with this energy stream as you step into your power.

Topics Covered:

Young woman with grandmother


Psychic is connecting with the living. Mediumship communing with the other world. These energies are received differently and feel completely separate.

Module 3
Family in Church


Not every family is functional. Not everyone gets along. Using your gifts unlock the skills to determine the story of relationships quickly and accuratey.

Module 4
Shop Window


Your body is your tool for connection.  Feeling such things as emotions, thoughts, pain and sensations. As you connect with Spirit, access the story of their psychical including health aliments and how they passed.

Module 5
Couple's Hug



Our lives are multifaceted. We're more than a name, body shape & hair colour.  Allow mediumship to showcase a personality, memories & essence of a soul.

Module 6
Man with Book


Through evidential connections and ethical mediumship, legitimacy builds within the industry. Learn how to seek from Spirit information that isn't on Facebook and cannot be Googled.

Module 7
Burst of Light


Mental mediumship is "tune in" to the spirit world by listening, sensing, or seeing spirits or symbols. We know it as using psychic clairs. These are used to tell a story of connection.

Module 8

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